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35 Signs You’re An ESTP

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ESTPs are one of the 16 MBTI personalities and are estimated to comprise roughly 4 – 7% of the general population. They belong to the temperament group known as the artisans and have been christened as the “tactical promoter” by MBTI theorist, David Keirsey. ESTPs are noted for their energy, spontaneity and courage. Here are 35 signs you or someone you know might be an ESTP.

  1. You pay attention to people’s body language and are able to use this to your advantage.
  2. You get bored easily and tend to stir things up to make it fun and interesting.
  3. You are very responsive to emergencies and can perform well under pressure.
  4. You enjoy the adrenaline rush from flirting with danger and taking risks.
  5. You don’t like being told what to do and may often find ways to bend/defy the rules or exploit loopholes.
  6. You are good at seizing opportunities in the present but may often fail to consider the long term consequences.
  7. You are highly adaptable and able to improvise when needed.
  8. You are energetic and outgoing and like to maintain a very active lifestyle.
  9. You tend to gravitate towards the action and excitement rather than shy away from it.
  10. You have a strong interest in sports and competition.
  11. You view yourself as a realist who tells it like it is.
  12. You like to learn through direct experience and are willing to jump right into a new field and figure things out as you go.
  13. You tend to be conservative and conventional in your views.
  14. You have a strong appreciation for good food, pleasing aesthetics, luxury and entertainment.
  15. You can be impatient and sometimes cut corners to expedite an arduous process.
  16. You are a “doer” and someone who is confident in your ability to conquer obstacles and solve problems.
  17. People tend to think you have ADD or ADHD.
  18. You can be very persuasive, effective and compelling in the way you communicate.
  19. You can also be very blunt, insensitive and careless in your choice of words.
  20. You pay attention to your image and are willing to hobnob and market yourself in order to get ahead.
  21. Attaining admiration and respect from others is a strong motivator for you.
  22. Your Enneagram type is 3.
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  1. Your public persona is very affable and personable.
  2. You are not very controlling or micromanaging but can be highly manipulative.
  3. You tend not to take life too seriously.
  4. You have strong powers of observation and are always scanning the environment for interesting novelties that others wouldn’t notice.
  5. You take pride in your possessions and put effort into keeping them well maintained, clean and immaculate.
  6. You like to show generosity and to surprise your loved ones with extravagant gifts.
  7. Emotional intimacy and sentimentality can be awkward and uncomfortable for you.
  8. You are fun to be around and display a great sense of humor.
  9. You have a lot of initiative and rarely waste time procrastinating.
  10. You are good at motivating people and boosting their confidence.
  11. Although good at starting projects, you have a tendency to abandon or fail to follow through on certain plans.
  12. You want to be seen as impressive and like to show off in bold and brash ways.
  13. You have a lot of courage and audacity and a greater capacity for taking risks than most people.

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