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INFP Strengths: 7 Areas Where INFPs Shine.


The INFP male or female is a sensitive and creative introvert with an openness to possibilities and a yearning for romance. They are sincere and seek to be authentic in their self-expression. They have emotional depth but despite their strong feelings and values, INFPs tend to keep a lot of themselves private. As with other MBTI types, INFPs can stand out in a number of ways that highlight their cognitive strengths. Here is a look at 7 areas Where the INFP personality type often shines.

1. INFP Novelty and Originality.

INFPs often get stereotyped as quirky and weird, but many would take that as a compliment. INFPs are wired to be different and think differently. When they get to be themselves, they are likely to stand out, even if unintentionally so. And although they may mimic or borrow influences from certain people, images and ideas they admire, they ultimately manage to reassemble and adapt such elements into something new and interesting. INFPs have a knack for putting a unique spin on something familiar or inventing something entirely new that defies all categories and conventional labels.

2. INFP Moral Integrity.

Although having dominant Introverted Feeling will by know means guarantee that each INFP is a saint or morally sound person, it does suggest that INFPs are certainly committed to their personal values, whatever they may be. INFPs are compelled to do what they feel is right, even when it is painful, difficult or inconvenient. Virtue and moral questions of what is right or wrong are things that INFPs really take to heart and take seriously. Acts of cruelty, injustice and inhumanity can arouse a strong and passionate response from the INFP and motivate them to do extraordinary and noble deeds. When they feel their core values are being violated, INFPs can be very courageous and outspoken in the name of what they truly believe.

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3. INFP Capacity for Empathy and Acceptance.

INFPs prize their individuality and they would love nothing more than to be understood, judged and appreciated for who they are as an individual. As someone who is prone to being misunderstood or judged unfairly for being different in some form or another, many INFPs can understand how it feels to be alienated or ostracized. Moreover, thanks to their active imagination, they find it rather easy to put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand their plight, give them the benefit of the doubt and recognize the heart and humanity of each individual.

4. INFP Personal Growth.

INFPs do not harbor a lot of fix-minded, black and white thinking and instead embrace a more flexible and open-ended perspective on most things. The INFP male or female is highly invested in their personal journey and development as a person. They are keen on educating themselves and are attracted to inspirational words and ideas that resonate with their fundamental values. INFPs themselves can become a guiding light to others in need of encouragement and affirmation. They are self-aware to a fault and through private reflection and self-analysis, are often able to glean useful insights that can be of value to others. They are ever-trying to better understand and improve themselves but can also, at times, be hard on themselves and focus too much on perceived flaws or failures.

5. INFP Finding Value in Unusual People, Places and Things.

INFPs have a knack for seeing the potential or value in things that others dismiss. They recognize the “diamond in the rough” and the possibilities of what it could be. Furthermore, they have an appreciation for novelty that leads them to gravitate towards the obscure and esoteric. Because of this, INFPs can often become trendsetters and tastemakers because of their ability to call attention to things that are cool but overlooked because they are not yet mainstream.

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6. INFP Creativity and Open-Mindedness.

INFPs thrive when they are free to be creative and ingenious. They operate best when not hampered by constricting rules and regulations. INFPs show courage to explore and experiment with ideas rather than just rely on established methods and techniques. They have an active inner world of fantasy and hold a capacity to enchant and charm others with the things they create. The INFP imagination is unusual, magical and fantastic.

7. INFP Loyalty and Devotion.

INFPs take their personal relationships very seriously. Because meaningful connections can be hard to come by, they don’t take them lightly. They dream of the perfect mate or friendship and so whenever they find someone or something truly great, they want to hold onto them forever. INFPs find comfort in having a special someone who knows and understands them and once they do, they are hardly tempted to betray the trust and loyalty they have established with their companions.

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