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INTJ Strengths: 7 Areas Where INTJs Dominate.

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The INTJ male or female is an introvert who is objectivistic, orderly but also imaginative and impressionistic. As an intuitive thinker, they like to explore ideas and theories but as a judging type, they often do so with an actionable purpose in mind. As with each MBTI type, the cognitive preferences that INTJs favor can give them an edge over other types in specific areas. Here is a look at 7 strengths associated with having an INTJ personality type.

1. Strategy and Contingency Planning.

Although not all goals or objectives an INTJ pursues will turn out a success, a lack of planning itself will rarely be to blame. Strategy is an art for which INTJs are well suited. It is no coincidence that many of the top tier strategists in history happen to include INTJs such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bobby Fischer and Gary Kasparov. By virtue of their Introverted intuition, INTJs are rarely short sighted in their perspective. They are inclined to consider long term implications and avoid making rash, impulsive and thoughtless decisions. INTJs are always planning for the future and their foresight often allows them to get ahead in life but also avoid many potential disasters.

2. Self Discipline and deferral of Gratification.

As their inferior Extraverted sensing might suggest, INTJs have, among other things, a limited and sometimes suppressed appetite for sensual pleasure and physically stimulating experiences. Because of this, INTJs are not driven by their impulses, in fact they are often suspicious of them. They tend to think things through carefully and are willing to forego a lot of unnecessary indulgences and transient thrills that could interfere with or sabotage their priorities.

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3. Relentless Determination.

INTJs are highly self-motivated and persevering. The goals they set for themselves can become an engrossing and obsessive pursuit. Once they form a picture in their minds of what they want, they begin the process of mapping out a plan for how they will achieve it. More importantly, INTJs have the follow-through and commitment to their goals that allow them to stick to the plan long enough to see it through to fruition. Even in the face of discouraging setbacks, INTJs are able to maintain a certain rationality and clarity of perspective that allows them to adjust quickly and move forward without falling apart emotionally.

4. Power to focus and Stay on Task.

The ability to focus and buckle down to deal with the task at hand is among the INTJ’s most significant characteristics. INTJs are good at discriminating between what is and isn’t important or deserving of priority at the moment. Moreover, they are able to really sit down and get a lot of work done so long as they are free of annoying distractions. Accomplishing tasks and getting something important done is typically more of interest to INTJs than any random and frivolous activity competing for their attention.

5. Decisiveness.

As a judging type, INTJs are able to form opinions and make decisions relatively quickly based on intuition informed by technical data. In other cases, INTJs also consult their tertiary introverted feeling when a more moralistic and empathetic perspective is appropriate. INTJs show a certain confidence in their convictions that can make them appear sometimes intractable and unreceptive to other perspectives. At their best, INTJs have a sense of rational clarity that filters out irrelevant noise and allows them to make decisions that are objectivistic yet humane.

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6. Managing Time Effectively.

INTJs are ever-aware of the finitude of their time and resources. They take schedules and efficiency more seriously than the INTPs and ENTPs. In whatever situation they find themselves in, INTJs like to know what they are getting into so they can structure their time and energy accordingly. They’d like for their lives to follow a rather consistent and manageable structure rather than operate under a more spontaneous, open-ended and variegated style of routine.

7. Recognizing Patterns and Foreseeing Outcomes.

Lastly, INTJs are detectors of patterns and irregularities. They are wired to read into the abstract implications of how things fit together and extrapolate that into the future. iNTJs typically do not accept what they observe or are told at face value. They are often reading between the lines, interpreting meanings and formulating a clearer picture in their mind of where things are headed. They look for the deeper significance behind whatever they observe and try to uncover the hidden truths and signs that can often elude others.

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