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Year of the Dog

Year of the Dog

About the Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

2018 is the year of the Dog. If you were born on a dog year, well then this year promises to be an auspicious one for you. The Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac. It represents loyalty, family, gaining wealth, and looking for comfort. They may be stubborn and morally upright, perhaps even indignant or self-righteous.

There is something idealistic about them; they tend to be more Pollyanna than the average adult and are continually genuinely shocked to find out that people aren’t the Girl- or Boy Scouts that the Dog is. However, it’s good to be on the Dog’s side because they are protective of those they love and of those they think are vulnerable, though they may act first and respond harshly to a perceived threat without stopping to think about whether it’s a real threat.

The dog switches from all-good to all-bad if something goes wrong: the world is a fine and dandy place when things go well, but if there’s a hitch or a setback, the universe is out to get them. All it really takes is a little bit of a good thing to set them back on their feet and romping again.

Chinese dog years
Chinese dog years –

Dog’s biggest treasure is the people in its life, and if it could, it would always travel in a pack of its closest friends and family. They feel happiest when socializing and when they can be with people. They’re naturally extroverted and will keep the party going until no one else is awake. However, they are most comfortable close to home, and prefer not to leave their comfort zone, and they prefer smaller places to big ones. Being anonymous in a big city is more frightening than fascinating.

Dogs are mostly interested in social harmony and making sure everyone else is happy. They may great party hosts and matriarchs or patriarchs of families. However, career-wise, they may look to something where they can serve and make people happy or protect them. Law enforcement, nursing, or other kinds of caretaking are attractive to them.

Dog eating Chinese food

2018 Year of the Dog Overview: Earth Dog Year

Earth brings down the Dog’s flightiness and makes it more mature and responsible. It’s less puppy-like, and more practical and down-to-earth. It works to take care of others and to provide what people actually need while having less of a need to draw attention to itself. This year, the goal will be on serving others and being more sober in our approach to others. We would rather find common ground and work toward healing rifts that may have occurred. This may also be the year where we genuinely hear what other people are saying and take an interest in them as people.

Most people, however, could continue to be clannish if they have strong views of the world or if they feel victimized. They may think everyone else is evil but the people who are like them and seek to push out or alienate those they find threatening.

On the other hand, this could be a great year for making money, as the dog knows how that is done. The Year of the Dog in the New Economy gives a boost to entrepreneurs of all types, especially those who provide services. This is also a great year for weddings and having children: all family endeavors are blessed.

good luck for dogs
good luck for dogs –

Aries Dog  ♈ ?

Aries energy brings out the optimism and energy of the Dog, but also the quick temper and impulsiveness of the dog. This Dog is more simple but not stupid; it just doesn’t want to get caught up in the claptrap of the rat race or keeping up with the Joneses This is far too dissatisfying, even if Aries Dog does this for its family or loved ones.

Aries Dog celebrates and champions the self, freedom, and the freedom to love and be with loved ones. These are its riches. It is sentimental, even when it tries to be tough. Even if it fails at worldly things, or even if it’s broke and it needs money to survive, it’s not going to shift gears from love to greed. It won’t necessarily rely on everyone else to carry its weight. If it needs assistance, it always remembers to pay back twice as much.

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Taurus Dog ♉ ?

Taurus Dog appreciates the good things in life and is mellower than other Dogs. They are also very loyal: when they find something (or someone) they like, they stick like glue and won’t let go. This one is less likely to rush into conflict; it protects by covering rather than striking or attacking. This one will remain cool and detached until pushed to the limit.

This is when the feral dog comes out and much like the bull, there is no stopping it once infuriated. Taurus Dog is more generous than Taurus in general, and tends to see its own wealth as “our” wealth. However, Taurus Dog is more of a people pleaser, and coupled with Taurus’s shyness, has a tendency to allow others to walk on them otherwise, especially friends and colleagues, if confrontation would cause tension in the social order. Material things and lovers, however, are off-limits to others.

Gemini Dog ♊ ?

Perhaps one of the most social of this already social Chinese zodiac sign, the Gemini Dog, this one tends to be more cerebral than emotional or instinctive. It is, however, very entertaining, and it loves nothing more than to be among its peers, having witty conversation. However, it has a tendency to overthink things.

It doesn’t naturally go from one extreme or the other and stay there long; it has to pick among them, and that’s difficult, because it constantly changes its mind. However, they can go from one emotional extreme to another, often in the same day. They’re more likely than other dogs to go to school for a long time or to study more than play, because academia is one way to help them find their own tribe. They’re great conversationalists and they need people who will give them something to think about and take what they say seriously.

Cancer Dog ♋ ?

There is perhaps no one more loyal than a Cancer Dog. The Cancer Dog tends to be very into keeping a tight-knit circle, protecting it fiercely. Cancer Dog appears to be quite the tough guy, perhaps being the Dog with the most sensitive trigger. Deep down, this is a very sensitive puppy who really just wants to be in the middle of pack, surrounded by love and warmth.

This extra-sentimental dog is imaginative, romantic, and nostalgic, perhaps the most interested in keeping childhood friends together. It can relive memories, both good and bad, as if they’re happening in real time. While all Dogs are sentimental, this one is extremely so and can be moved by a kind word or small gift to fall in love. It’s also prone to holding grudges, especially against someone who hurts a loved one, and long after the loved one has let go and forgiven the trespasser.

Leo Dog ♌ ?

Okay, so maybe there is someone more loyal than a Cancer Dog. This is the one who most likely becomes the leader of the pack simply because they exude a sense of authority and benevolence. Leo Dog has a way of making people feel cool just by getting the chance to be in Leo Dog’s crew. This Dog wants everyone to have a good time, and is usually the one to supply it.

Of course, this may mean being the grasshopper when everyone else is the ant, as Leo Dog struggles to maintain a work ethic unless it’s working for the weekend or for some other tangible reward. It may react to disappointments with indignation. Leo Dog needs a creative outlet in order to stay positive and optimistic. Humiliation stings greatly and can send Leo Dog into a tailspin of despair, so it may be haughty or seem conceited in self-defense.

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Virgo Dog ♍ ?

Imagine a Saint Bernard traversing the Alps with medicine on its collar. This is Virgo Dog to a T. This Dog serves its family and friends, perhaps by keeping them from harm by sharing its worries and giving reasons why certain things shouldn’t be done. While Virgo Dogs can be more pessimistic out of worry or concern, it gives more attention to details than other Dogs, meaning that it could especially excel in business if it can get over its shyness.

This Dog thinks the world is scrutinizing it and deciding that it comes up short. It needs reassurance and gets it by doing good things for loved ones, by being needed. It’s one of the more timid dogs, often attacking in a passive-aggressive manner when the pack is threatened. However, it is fundamentally one of the kindest dogs, especially to those who need their kindness the most.

Libra Dog ♎ ?

Libra Dog is mellower and goes with the flow, but it’s also one of the most gregarious. It thrives with a close companion and with keeping things on an even keel. However, in order to maintain harmony, Libra Dog may be prone to stretching the truth or omitting information, as it’s happier to let people think as they want to think so long as they don’t disturb the peace.

Libra Dogs are usually pretty successful in business because people flock to them, wanting to please them. They’re not necessarily materialistic, but they do appreciate creature comforts and the value of a nice time. This Dog wants to be taken care of more than it wants to take care of others; it may seek shelter among the pack when harmed or threatened. However, it’s the least likely of the dogs to take an extreme outlook in any manner, preferring to appear in good spirits even when it’s not.

Scorpio Dog ♏ ?

Scorpio Dogs are more intense and driven, with more emphasis on the black-and-white thinking. Scorpio Dogs are all in or all out, and it may prefer a smaller group of people who are loyal and dedicated. It doesn’t trust easily, but when it does, it gives its entire heart to something. However, if hurt, it will use its bark and bite to get revenge. Scorpio Dogs are good at figuring out what other people want, so they tend to be very good business people.

However, they can also find an insult in a bouquet of flowers and swear revenge for a time to come when the person least expects it, especially if the harm is against the pack. It’s best that Scorpio Dog spend as much quality time with family in order to bring themselves out of any emotional dark place living in a jaded world can cause.

Sagittarius Dog ♐ ?

Sagittarius brings a more adventurous and optimistic side to the Dog. In fact, this Dog is less likely to want to be with the pack and more likely to be the lone wolf who scouts and comes back. It’s not entirely independent like Sagittarius, but also not entirely vigilant, like the dog. Sagittarius Dog has a live-and-let-live attitude that garners it many friends through life, though it’s not so great with keeping correspondence.

For Sagittarius Dog, the treasure of life is experiences and finding common ground with a wide variety of people: the desired pack is the entire world, and Sagittarius Dog sees itself as a crusader out to protect this entire pack from….itself. Emotions are important, but so are ideals. The darkest it gets is sarcasm and cynicism, as it’s not prone to despair unless it’s not allowed to move about freely or if it’s stuck in an oppressive culture.

Capricorn Dog ♑  ?

Capricorn Dog is more aloof and cool; it’s choosier about the company it keeps and is more focused on worldly success. This dog will keep its opinions to itself and isn’t quick to head into battle without determining what the long-term benefits and liabilities would be. It’s more of an observer of everyone else. It loves family, and the way it shows love is by doing things and being someone they can be proud of.

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Capricorn Dog wants to be a good provider, and provide a good reputation. It’s very sensitive deep down and feels very unsure of itself in a world of more aggressive people. With the right emotional support, it’s slow-and-steady approach can win the race as others burn out and get frustrated before the finish line is in sight. The key is being shown that it’s appreciated just the way it is, self-consciousness and timidity and all.

Aquarius Dog ♒ ?

Aquarius enhances the humanitarian element of Dog but also makes it less sentimental or protective. This is not a nostalgic dog, but a futuristic, cybernetic dog. Aquarius Dog is perhaps the most emotionally detached and therefore the least prone to mood swings, or at least letting the outside world effect it’s emotional well-being that much. There is sensitivity, but it’s largely channeled into rebellion.

This dog breaks away from the pack and starts its own band of misfit toys that live to overthrow the old guard. Authority figures beware, even benevolent ones! This it sees as a gift to its pack and to the world as a whole. For Aquarius Dog, everyone is equal, and no one should be held above another or kept below another. When it’s alone, it may succumb to feelings that the world is too dark to change, but small successes turn it around.

Pisces Dog ♓ ?

Dreamy and sweet Pisces Dog takes it personally if anyone is angry or upset and may be the most easily upset of all the dogs. It may confuse it’s own emotions for other people’s emotions, feeling their highs and their lows, unsure of what it truly feels. Pisces Dog may even feel guilty for having it’s own feelings. It feels drawn to family and friends and yet feels woefully misunderstood, as if it were born in the wrong place and time.

A highly romantic and imaginative dog, it may take solace in its fantasies or in service to everyone else, often sacrificing fulfillment of its own needs and desires in the process. Still, its ever loyal to those it loves, even when it shouldn’t be, even when it gets hurt repeatedly. However, a little bit of love, affection, or positive attention can send it soaring to new heights as if the past hurt never happened.

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