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Aquarius Sun Libra Moon

aquarius sun libra moon personality

Sun in Aquarius – Moon in Libra

– Unorthodox Style –

The Aquarius sun Libra moon personality is a combination of cool detachment and engaging charm. Your nature is sociable and you are keen to maintain harmony in your environment.The humanitarian leanings of Aquarius sun is well supported by Libra moon’s sanguine and attractive temperament. People with this sun-moon combination are bound to be very friendly and likable to most people. They promote harmony and have a desire to cooperate and play nicely with others.

There is a unique quality about them that is distinctive and attention-getting. They may have a number of quirks or physical attributes that help them stand out from the crowd but they are proud of that. Aquarius sun embraces their individuality and uniqueness while at the same time embracing their place as part of a larger whole. They genuinely care about others and have a lot of compassion and interest in helping people less fortunate. Their humanitarian mind sensitizes them to societal projects and to other people’s torments

As a friend, you are loyal and dependable. You pick up the moods of the people who surround you, and can be highly diplomatic. You are sensitive to prevailing trends and currents. You can take advantage of your strong sensitivity in order to express yourself through a “beyond the home” activity that requires fineness, aesthetic sense, and good taste. In relationships, you may lean towards the promiscuous side. Your romantic appetite can make it hard not to flirt with every attractive stranger within radius. When you fall for someone, you fall hard and you love being attached to a partner. But even while in a relationship, you may still see a lot of other options and feel tempted to have your cake and eat it too.

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You are sociable in spite of your intransigence and you offer your affection to the human race. Your concepts are liberal and original. You are interested in new ideas and in daring innovation.  Aquarius lives for the future and is never completely demoralized, because they know that each enterprise is constantly evolving and each project is perfectible. You dream of a better world and show your worth when things are not yet fixed, when everything is potentially open. Your strength is that of all idealists: faith can move mountains of uncertainties, pessimism and inertia. For you, everything remains to be reinvented and nothing is forever totally closed or stiff. A lack of pragmatism may prod you to take up lost causes.

You are sensitive to human matters and, at the same time, your need for independence prompts you to transform and to reinvent your sentimental life. In love, your attitude may surprise and disconcert your partner. But your capacity to amaze is also part of your charm. For you, love can be a friendly and angelic relationship. Intransigence harms your affectivity. You need to admire your beloved and to feel that you are close to each other, at the same time friends and lovers, and that you form a whole. You often forgive, until the day you open your eyes on your partner’s flaws – but who has none?

Famous Aquarius Sun – Libra Moon People:

  • Harry Styles – Born: February 1, 1994
  • Alicia Keys – Born: January 25, 1981
  • Clara Morgane – Born: January 25, 1981
  • Dr. Dre – Born: February 18, 1965
  • Evan Peters – Born: January 20, 1987
  • Diane Lane – Born: January 22, 1965
  • Carlos Slim Helú – Born: January 28, 1940
  • Kim Novak – Born: February 13, 1933
  • Valentino Rossi – Born: February 16, 1979
  • Valery Giscard d’Estaing – Born: February 2, 1926
  • Burt Reynolds – Born: February 11, 1936
  • Preity Zinta – Born: January 31, 1975
  • Emma Bunton – Born: January 21, 1976
  • Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark – Born: February 5, 1972
  • Natalie Dormer – Born: February 11, 1982
  • Elizabeth Banks – Born: February 10, 1974
  • Paul Ryan – Born: January 29, 1970
  • Renée O’Connor – Born: February 15, 1971
  • Alex Jones – Born: February 11, 1974
  • Loreena McKennitt – Born: February 17, 1957
  • Buzz Aldrin – Born: January 20, 1930
  • Jerry Springer – Born: February 13, 1944
  • Bertold Brecht – Born: February 10, 1898
  • Edouard Manet – Born: January 23, 1832
  • Florence Aubenas – Born: February 6, 1961
  • Linda Susan Agar – Born: January 30, 1948
  • Kim Jong-il – Born: February 16, 1941
  • Boris Pasternak – Born: February 10, 1890
  • Arjen Robben – Born: January 23, 1984
  • Vanna White – Born: February 18, 1957
  • Stockard Channing – Born: February 13, 1944
  • Guy Lagache – Born: February 9, 1966
  • Cara Wakelin – Born: February 8, 1977
  • Kool Shen – Born: February 9, 1966
  • Jean-Luc Lagardère – Born: February 10, 1928
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