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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Is Like During Childhood

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In the Myers-Briggs type theory, the dominant function is believed to be the first function to develop in the function stack of each personality type. This supposedly occurs around the age of 6 as part of the process known as differentiation where the cognitive preferences begin taking shape. Here is a look at what each MBTI personality is like during childhood growing up.


As a child, INFJs are likely to be unassuming and quiet yet able to acquire many friendships and interact with various types of people. INFJs are bound to be relatively well behaved and mature for their age and their parents may entrust them with responsibilities early on. As introverts, they probably spend much of their time reading or writing in a journal. They may have casual creative outlets such as writing short stories and poems, sketching and design work. Even though they maintain a very private world, they also make time for family and friends to bond and spend quality time with them. They cherish their friendships and are likely to have a special besty with whom they can really be their true selves. INFJs tend to project an image that changes according to who they’re engaging with. They may appear like chameleons due to their ability to mirror people.

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