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INFJ strengths: 7 Best Traits of INFJ

infj strengths

The INFJ personality is an introverted empath with an eye on the future. Estimated at 1-3% of the population, INFJs are considered to be the rarest MBTI type of all. That’s too bad because INFJs offer a lot of good things to the world. Here is a look at 7 strengths associated with being an INFJ.

1. Emotional Intelligence.

INFJs have a certain interest in people that can make them appear engaging like an extravert. While they are indeed introverts who are easily overwhelmed by crowded environments and overstimulating sensory experiences, INFJs can get along quite smoothly in most social settings. Of course, they prefer more intimate interactions that are limited to one or a few people. They have a genuine interest in understanding others and are noted for their strong powers of perception. As empaths, INFJs allow themselves to feel what other people feel and have a knack for making others feel understood and valued. They apply the logic of their tertiary thinking function towards the refinement of their psychological insight. INFJs are adept at reading people and forming astute observations about what makes people tick.

2. Avoiding Trouble.

INFJs are not prone towards impulsivity and reckless behavior. Most of their actions are premeditated and planned out to some degree. As a type, INFJs are more prudent and wary of undesirable outcomes. They are inclined to think ahead and can easily read the writing on the wall when trouble is afoot. Furthermore, INFJs tend to think long term and will almost always consider how a given action will impact their future plans and goals. As introverts, INFJs manage to stay out of trouble often because they like to spend most of their time in the quiet comfortable setting of their home where virtually everything they need is at their fingertips. INFJs would generally prefer to explore the inner world of their imagination more than the external world of reality.

3. Creative Mind.

INFJs have a creative itch that draws them towards the arts and humanities. Be it music, illustration, writing or some other artform, most INFJs will likely have a number of creative outlets they enjoy. Like other intuitives, INFJs are abstract thinkers who seek novelty. They have a knack for entertaining themselves by envisioning alternate worlds and fictitious scenarios. With their special insight into people, they can be especially good at developing their own interesting and believable characters in works of fiction. INFJs can conceive of possibilities and potentials that only someone who thinks outside the box could appreciate.

4. Compassionate Problem Solvers.

INFJs are earnest and sincere with a strong strategic element to their personality that allows them to plan and order their lives well. With their auxiliary Fe and tertiary Ti, INFJs never lose sight of the human considerations in the calculus of their plans and objectives. INFJs are motivated to solve problems of social significance and to help others resolve issues through better understanding and awareness. Many INFJs may be drawn to the social sciences and geopolitics. Furthermore, INFJs, despite being emotionally deep, are able to use logic and rationality as needed rather than let their emotions cloud their judgement or get the best of them.

5. Team Player.

Despite being very independent and introverted, the INFJ enjoys being a valued contributor on a team. INFJs play well with others and are responsible and diligent in doing their part and fulfilling expectations. They tend to place a lot of pressure on themselves to do well and care a great deal about how other people think of them. INFJs who enjoy their work and the people they work with are apt to go above and beyond what is expected of them. As a type with perfectionist tendencies, INFJs can be trusted not to do sloppy work or not pull their own weight. Although they hope to be appreciated by others, INFJs are not apt to seek credit for every awesome thing they do. The clear conscience they gain from a job well done is often gratifying enough for them.

6. Inspiring Leader.

The INFJ leader is one who leads by example and exercises warmth and wisdom in their judgment. INFJs understand the power of encouragement and positive push to get people on the right path and perform better. They are not inclined to berate or put down subordinates out of anger or as a sadistic method for motivating them. INFJs have the temperament of a teacher, guide and counselor. They exercise patience and understanding and take pleasure in the process of edifying and enlightening others. INFJs can command respect through their moral character and the dignity and sensitivity with which they operate. The INFJ has a capacity to tap into what people really care about and find meaningful ways to get through to them.

7. Loyal and Supportive.

INFJs are not fair-weather friends. They are the type of friend who is there through thick and thin. INFJs are great listeners and a source of moral support to the people they care about. They put a lot of thought and effort into their relationships and display a great deal of care and attention to the needs of friends and loved ones. Furthermore, INFJs render themselves worthy of other’s trust and can reliably keep secrets told to them in confidence. INFJs can show a lot of faith in others even when the chips are down. The strength of their ideals and hopes can make them very committed to whatever or whoever they believe in.

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