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The Biggest Source of Inspiration For Each MBTI Type

Biggest Inspiration For Each MBTI Type

Inspiration can come from anywhere but for each Myers-Briggs personality, it may be found in some places more than others. Here is a brief look at what the biggest inspiration for each MBTI type is likely to be.

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.  Thomas Edison

INFJ – Heroism

INFJs are likely to be most inspired by any type of heroism or act of selflessness such as when an individual risks their life to help a person or group. INFJs are moved by such powerful displays of courage and nobility. Seeing this in others can embolden them to be more active and heroic in defense of the people and ideals they value most.

INFP – Love

The throes of love can inspire anyone, but for INFP this may be especially so. Whether it’s falling in love or out of it, bittersweet romances, or a tragic loss, INFPs will likely be inspired to create something meaningful and poignant out of it. INFPs are often compelled to make art that captures and illustrates what they’re feeling. For INFPs, love can trigger all sorts of fireworks in their imagination and supercharge their creativity unlike anything else.

INTJ – Greatness

INTJs appreciate the majesty of great work and outstanding individuals. Seeing exceptionalism in action can often set a benchmark in the INTJ mind that spurs them to try and outdo or at least replicate in themselves. INTJs have high respect for those who push boundaries to achieve the unachievable because they would like to do much the same in their own capacity.

INTP – Discovery

INTPs are thrilled when they stumble upon something new especially if it is entirely their own discovery. INTPs are bored by convention and inspired by ingenuity and paradigm-shifting revelations. A fascinating breakthrough is likely to open the floodgates of possibilities in the INTP’s mind and may jumpstart their passion and enthusiasm.

ENFJ – Parenthood

For ENFJ, it is likely that there will be few things more inspiring than seeing the embodiment of their hopes for the future manifest for their children. ENFJs will likely be all the more motivated to do what they can to make the world a better place once they become a parent. Children give ENFJ the opportunity to teach and tell stories which are some of the biggest things ENFJs enjoy doing.

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ENFP – Stories

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, books or movies, ENFPs love great storytelling. They are inspired by stories of triumph and depictions of heroism and the strength of the human spirit in face of great odds. ENFPs are likely to see themselves as the hero in their own movie trying to find themselves and make the right decisions. Upon seeing a character in a book or movie with whom they identify, ENFPs may be inspired to mirror and absorb their story arc as though it were their own.

ENTJ – Other People’s Success

Seeing other people’s achievements is probably a strong inspiration for ENTJ as it may expand or validate the possibilities in their mind. Seeing what has worked for others can motivate ENTJ to work hard to achieve similar success of their own or make a leap in improvement and take it even further. ‘Difficult’ is not a problem for ENTJ, all they need is ‘possible’.

ENTP – Interesting Problems

ENTPs get off on generating “what if?” statements and exploring a string of ideas to their natural conclusion. Having a juicy intellectual or mentally challenging conundrum to contend with can provide the incentive ENTPs need to fire up their best thinking and be inventive. ENTPs often have trouble sticking with tasks that don’t require much critical thought, but a compelling problem can engross them to no end.

ISFJ – Suffering

Seeing the despair and destitution in the world can spur the ISFJ to do something in whatever capacity they can. ISFJs are likely to be easily moved by sob stories and affected by other’s pain and struggles. They instinctively want to make things better and alleviate their physical and emotional distress. They nurture the people around them but in the midst of a catastrophe like a hurricane they are likely to want to contribute to the administration of aid and relief on a larger scale.

ISTJ – Family History

ISTJs are likely to take interest and inspiration from the legacy of their forebears especially if they come from great stock. ISTJs tend to respect history and things of the past. In their family tree, they may find many things in which to be proud and derive a sense of identity from. Learning about their heritage can give an incentive to dig deeper, influence their career path, and inspire ISTJ to develop extensive knowledge directly or indirectly linked to their lineage.

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ESFJ – Their Idols

ESFJ types are likely to have their share of people that they look up to and put on a pedestal. They may dream of being like their heros and may often try to emulate them in how they approach and operate in the world. Even as adults, they can be big fanboys and fangirls in how they idolize prominent or extraordinary people. Whether they’re real like Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle or fictitious, like Sherlock Holmes ESFJs may be inspired to take a page from their book and be like their idols.

ESTJ – History

ESTJs are likely to take a special appreciation for the precedents and achievements of the past. They may look to the wisdom of those who came before them as a source of counsel and inspiration for guiding their choices. ESTJs are more likely to rely on the established and time-tested insight of a classic intellectual or historical figure than those of a modern, cutting edge iconoclast.

ISTP – Mentors

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a mentor, but having one can be a tremendous source of inspiration to an ISTP. ISTPs learn best through hands-on training and so working as a pupil or squire under the tutelage of someone who is a master of their craft is great for them. It can really open up all kinds of windows in the ISTP’s mind and increase their self confidence.

ISFP – Beauty

ISFPs are likely to find strong inspiration from nature and anything they find beautiful be it in the form of music, people, objects, etc. They may have unusual tastes and an appreciation for aesthetics most people would not understand. Anything that pleases their senses is bound to stir up the ISFP’s creative juices and motivate them to make something beautiful themselves.

ESTP – Being Doubted

ESTPs thrive on challenges and derive satisfaction from proving the haters and doubters wrong. Their willpower and confidence is formidable and they can become obsessed with succeeding even if they have to take a dozen “L’s before they do. For this reason, it is probably better not to bet against them because chances are ESTPs will make it their mission to make you regret it.

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ESFP – People Who Believe in Them

ESFPs are likely to be deeply heartened and encouraged by their supporters and admirers. They have dreams and they strive to attain them but sometimes life can be harsh and rejection and can suck the vitality out their soul. Validation and recognition from others can invigorate an ESFP like sunlight on a daffodil. Knowing that people are watching and rooting for them can inspire ESFPs go out and be their best self.

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