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10th House: The House of Career

tenth house

10th House: The House of Career

Mode: Angular (Cardinal) Earth
Planetary Dignity: Saturn/Capricorn

The 10th house in astrology is the house of Career and reputation. It is an angular house and is also known as the MidHeaven, and Medium Coeli. This house corresponds to Capricorn and its planetary ruler, Saturn. The 10th house is about our public reputation, clout and accomplishments particularly in the realm of career and profession. This house describes our professional ambition and capacity to move up in the world and attain status, prestige and authority. Moreover, it concerns authority and our relationship with authority. 

How much authority we aspire to gain or how rebellious against authority we are. The 10th house is also associated with established institutions and governing bodies. It can include professions in general but particularly those in politics, military, law enforcement, and the government. The 10th house sits opposite the 4th house which is associated with our inner world and domestic life. The 10th house therefore represents the outer public life  and how we are regarded by our peers and the General Public.

By extension, it can also encompass our popularity and esteem in the public eye. The 10th house represents our desire to attain prominence and respect in the world through our achievements. It is the culmination of material success and the fruits of our hard work and labor. An Afflicted or underactive 10th house can mean that an individual is not highly motivated by such things and may instead live a life for which the focus is elsewhere on things other than career and achievement. Having a prominent 10th house will indicate an individual who puts a lot of focus and energy on their career and likely bases their identity and sense of value on their professional achievements.

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The planets and signs that occupy the 10th house represent the qualities and aspects of ourselves that are most visible and accessible to others. The midheaven represents the most elevated point in the birth chart. The placements here standout above all others and manifest as the driving factor behind what we ultimately become known for. The 10th house defines the public Image we wish to present to the world and the external adornments and credentials that we use to validate and bolster our value to others. The 10th house encompasses the qualities for which we wish to be admired and praised for. It Represents our path to fame or infamy, honor and legacy. It represents our place in society and our contributing role to it’s greater good. 

The tenth house also describes our orientation to authority and hierarchical structures. Saturn in the 10th house for example, can indicate an individual who is highly referent and respectful of authority. Such an individual maybe well suited for positions in government and also clerical positions such as accounting and quality assurance inspection. An individual with Mars in the 10th house by contrast, may be drawn to careers that involve more action and physical aggression such as boxing or the military. Such a person may also possess tremendous passion and drive to achieve whatever it is that they seek to accomplish for themselves and to create a lasting Legacy. The 10th house represents the recognition and pinnacle of achievement that we are striving towards. It is the reason why we are working hard and pushing ourselves and sacrificing things that we care deeply about.

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Those who have Neptune in their 10th house are likely to be well suited for professions in helping other people such as psychology and counseling. They are able to attain professional recognition and success by way of their astute intuitive understanding of people and their psychological and emotional needs. Such a person is likely to be very intuitive and because of Neptune’s placement in the 10th house, they may feel it is their calling to pursue a vocation that allows them to exercise their powers of empathy and insight as a career path. Individuals who have Jupiter in their 10th house will likely experience great fortune in their careers. Opportunities for advancement seem to fall in their lap without much effort on their part. The effect they have on the general public is often positive and magnetic. 

Such individuals will likely experience a lot of great fortune and success as long as they don’t go out of their way to screw it up. Careers most likely to be pursued by someone with Jupiter in their 10th house include stand up comedy and comedic acting but also high level careers in astrophysics, the arts, politics and humanitarian organizations. The 10th house represents our ability to actualize our personal aspirations for prestige and status in society. It deals with the more materialistic types of goals as opposed to the more idealistic and humanitarian aspirations of the 11th house. The trajectory of our career path and potential for achievement are all highlighted by the 10th house. This house can reveal what types of careers we are destined to pursue and the potential for success we are likely to experience through them.

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