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The Annoying Qualities Of Each Myers Briggs Type

annoying personality traits

annoying qualities of each myers briggs type


  • In trying to explain how they got from A to B they may condescendingly simplify things to the point of insult or give up with a dismissive “never mind”.
  • Delaying the completion of their work indefinitely with constant revisions, sometimes even quitting before they ever begin.
  • Setting aside their partners’ feelings, and their own, for far too long.
  • Dressing oddly/shabbily, neglecting personal hygiene and carry a distinctive smell that they do not realize they exude.
  • Emotionally inattentive. May need reminders to pay attention to their relationships and family life.
  • Being rather messy and feel little need to maintain a clean work space to study.
  • Not following instructions or finishing tasks
  • Showing off their pithiness instead of using plain language that would be better understood.
  • Passive-aggressive tendencies like not answering the phone or giving the silent treatment.
  • While busy chewing their mental cud, they don’t pay much attention to external details.
  • Tendency to poke holes in other’s faulty logic with an emphasis on clarity and precise word use. Feel honor bound to correct other’s mistaken ideas.

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    1. Anonymous INTJ

      This is horrible. I personally am an INTJ and few of these are true. I have also extremely researched this topic and almost all of these are highly exaggerated. We know our faults even if we do not openly acknowledge them. We do not say any of this to other people because like it sort of mentioned we do not like to show weaknesses. It also stated that we are “viewing emotions as being for the week” we do not think that but instead think that emotions are weeknesses. There is a difference and the second one is true. Everyone has emotions I’ll admit that. Even us cold INTJs. But we suppress our emotions because we do not always know how to deal with them. Please do not believe all of these exaggerates things about us. As much as we wish we weren’t we are still human. Also it states that we are very arrogant. Yes I’ll admit many of us can be rather arrogant but this is because we have worked hard in our skill and don’t want to seem bad at anything because then we feel, yes feel, like a failure. I could go on forever and shoot down all of those but alas I have homework and life to get on with. If you are reading this do more research and find out the truth. Never just trust one source. Goodbye for now.


    2. Shonna

      I’m ENFJ, wow sad but true for me! My Husband agrees (ISFJ) his is bang on too. So I’m printing mine off and will refer to it regularly.
      Nobody’s perfect, and in the whole scheme of things these tendencies aren’t the end of the world!
      Knowledge is power….

    3. Trey Lehman

      As an ENFP, these align very well with my annoying qualities. I’m surprised how accurate they are considering the comments from the INTJs. Good job

    4. Rachael

      ISTP “Tendency to believe in mystical “signs” or intuitive “connections” that don’t really exist.” I have never heard this or believe I myself do it. I find it hard to believe other ISTP’s would too. Other than that one, it was spot on.

    5. This space is irrelevant

      I find it interesting that “Anonymous INTJ” proclaims to not only clearly be absolutely informed in the matter of INTJ habits, but also presumes to speak for us all. The list needs work but so does anything made entirely of supposition and opinion. However Anonymous INTJ decided it was bothersome enough to warrant a textual tirade…..why?

    6. Lylac

      I don’t get it. I got ENFJ in results but when I search deeply into it, I find it more against to who I know I am.

    7. INTJ

      INTJ ones are so accurate it’s almost scary. But one caveat though, this list only describe immature INTJ who doesn’t know and doesn’t want to improve themselves in this matter. Most INTJ who know about MBTI are less likely to commit these immature acts anymore, or at least they try to be less obnoxious.

    8. Hohiho

      Somehow all of the ENFJ annoying qualities are in me. It’s terrifying but could help me learning to become a better person for those whom I love. (Im an ENFJ)

    9. Desres

      Given that INTJs don’t accept blame very easily I’m guessing they’re not good with negative feedback either – certainly true in my experience. That explains the reactions of the INTJs here.

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