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  1. avgaro
    December 24, 2016

    INTJ here. About 446 idiots who got together on a weird as fuck forum to share their moronic hatred of other races is nowhere near enough to conclude which type is most likely to be racist. Ok, you didn’t conclude, you just went on trying to fit facts to your theory instead of theory to facts. Go find facts first, then write an article, because this is pointless. I was actually interested in learning something here. Also, include your name (or source) at the end. Oh no, I think I might possess some of the characteristics you listed.


    • imadethis
      July 20, 2021

      you stating that you are an INTJ is by no means proof of it, fuck off, asshole


  2. rvamusic
    March 5, 2018

    I’m an INFP and have been accused of being a “racist” in the past. . I am not a racist., but I do have more traditional views on race. For example , I would never marry nor date anyone outside my own race. I don’t agree with miscegenation, but would favor that in terms of being a man and woman, over something such as gay marriage. More traditional INFP’s do exist. Doesn’t mean you’re less intelligent or less creative, just a different world view. Ironically, these so called “open minded” people can’t seem to accept that different people feel differently about race and other things.


  3. girlINTP
    May 14, 2018

    hi intp here, being one of most analytical type intj would’ve decided that racism is useless theoy long ago. so i dont think they are racist being racist is stupid


  4. Josh
    July 16, 2019

    Yes, we do exist (although I’m more of an INxP). I’m also racist by today’s standards. But that’s just because I’m skeptical of several claims and accusations of racism (and other PC protected classes) that are taken at face value by so many others. These days especially, you have to question EVERYTHING you’re told and look beyond you’re preconceived notions and immediate reactions.


  5. JJ
    January 2, 2020

    I agree with Avgaro. This reminds me of a friend who typed as an ISFJ until she read up on MBTI theory and decided that the INFJ description was cooler. Now she swears she typed as an INFJ all along.

    Not saying INTJs cannot believe in racist pseudo-science, but I’m unconvinced any single type is *accurately* that prevalent. I’m also surprised that the author of the article did not seem to question the validity of the results. Almost 50% of these people are legitimately the 2nd *rarest* personality type? Highly doubtful.

    Stormfront is a bunch of guys who need external and internal validation of their supposed superiority. Is it any wonder that half of them choose to self-type as “masterminds?” More skepticism is warranted please.


  6. intp
    May 21, 2021

    This article is written under a false premise that racism requires stupidity or ignorance. It is not a coincidence that the members of Stormfront are largely intellectuals. The masses are the ones brainwashed into antiracism for at least 50 years by educational system, and the mass media. These days, in order to think outside of the antiracist box, one has to dig deeper, and ignore all the emotional warning signs that are thrown up by the Feeling Types to serve as road blocks along the way. Thinking Types (particularly NTs/intellectuals) are much more likely to completely ignore those red flags on their quest for facts, knowledge, logic and ultimate truth. They are also the least likely to give a single f about people’s feelings or buzzwords such as “hate-facts”. All they see are facts. These people are not stupid. They are actually verifying their beliefs with research such as racial and interracial violent crime and abuse statistics (etc). Racism (sorry to tell you) in the modern day is not cavemen holding clubs, glaring at the other tribes. Racism in the modern day is Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, Millennial Woes and other intellectuals that cannot be debunked, not even by other intellectuals such as Sargon of Akkad. Welcome to the modern era, kids.


  7. AnINTP
    July 29, 2021

    Can confirm. Am INTP, visited /pol. I wish certain things weren’t true, but there is literally no denying said statistics and other things such as IQ disparities.


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