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Moon Trine Mars

moon trine mars

Passionate enthusiasm leads to impressive proficiency and mastery in the areas of interest. Fanaticism may border on obsession but often works to the individual’s benefit enabling them to excel and accomplish. Success is supported by the ability to channel abundant will power with a positive mindset towards the completion of tasks and objectives. Obstacles are surmounted and overcome through sheer tenacity or by adjusting course when necessary. Negative self-defeating attitudes will not be tolerated, failure unacceptable.

The intuition of the moon guides the instincts and illuminates the path revealing pitfalls and stumbling blocks before they can thwart the mission. The inexorability of the spirit is admirable and inspiring to other,s giving the individual the appearance of a natural leader. The emotions are incendiary and intense, the heart martial and leonine. The subconscious needs of the Moon sign are in support with the expression of the Mars sign. The morals and ethics of the individual are probably akin to a warrior’s code characterized by honor and loyalty. Psychologically primed for conflict, the emotions do not get in the way when adversity arises. There is ample courage to embark on perilous odysseys weathering all storms, taming the most turbulent seas that threaten to cap-size the vessel of their will.

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