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Hitler’s Natal Chart

hitler astrology chart

Adolf Hitler was born on the Arian/Taurean cusp April 20, 1889 and shares his birthday with public personality Carmen Elektra and actor George Takei. Hitler was the chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and ruled as it’s abominable dictator from 1934 to 1945. He initiated World War II with his invasion of Poland and managed to seize control over much of Europe and North Africa, engineering the death of 6 million Jews before his eventual downfall and fateful demise on April 30, 1945.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

In his youth, Hitler clashed with his father Alois Hitler, and later echoed this defiant spirit toward the authority of Austria-Hungary. To be fair, Hitler was actually a skillful painter although he was rejected by the Art schools he applied to. He would later design the Nazi party banner where he permanently sullied the Hindu symbol for good luck with his malevolent misappropriation of it.

hitler painting
Hitler Painting

For a period, he lived a vagrant lifestyle, staying at homeless shelters where he experienced humiliation and hardship. It is said that this is where his budding anti-semitism began to take root. After his failed beer hall putsch, Hitler served a year in prison during which he began dictating his autobiographical and ideological precis, “Mein Kampf” to his deputy Rudolph Hess. Many believe that Hitler’s rise to power was predicted by Nostradamus with he and Napoleon Bonparte pinned as two of three anti-christs to emerge in the world. Hitler himself employed in his counsel, the services of Karl Ernst Krafft, a Swiss astrologer who correctly predicted the onset of World War II as well as an assassination attempt that Hitler narrowly escaped.

Now here’s a look at Hitler’s chart:

Hitler natal chart
Hitler’s chart provided by

True Lilith Taurus, in House VIII

Lilith or the Dark Moon represents forbidden taboos, cruelty and the individual’s inner sexual desires. She symbolizes violence, incorrigibility and radical defiance. According to intel gathered by U.S. spies, it is believed that the Fuhrer was a coprophiliac – someone who gets sexual pleasure from feces. He reportedly forced his niece Geli Raubal to engage in disturbing sex acts. She later committed suicide using Hitler’s gun.

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Midheaven in Leo

The Midheaven corresponds to the 10th house concerning the social and professional destiny of one’s chart. Leo supports fame and success and time in the limelight. Prestige is attainable. Ambition and a desire to climb social ladders characterizes this placement.

Ascendant in Libra/Uranus in House XII

Psychological nature is sanguine and communicative or nervous and introverted, depending on who, either Venus or Saturn, is the strongest. The planet Uranus symbolizes originality, independence and cerebral energy bursting suddenly. Uranus triggers the irresistible need for freedom that we have in ourselves. Uranus tends to break the constraints that have become unbearable and gives us the courage and the will to get rid of what has become a burden; when he is well aspected, he also indicates genius. With Uranus in the 12th House, you set high standards for your ideals. Beyond self-interests and frenzied individualism, you look for a reason for living, for a model, or for a guide. You are open to revelations which may radically change your manner and your life.

North Node In Cancer House IX

Noble, righteous, and helpful character. Ordeals and obstacles are numerous and varied, but easily overcome. However, gentle manners must not to be mistaken for weakness because one is endowed with great physical, intellectual, and moral strength. People would be well-advised not to try and pick a quarrel with this person.


This planetary configuration endows extraordinary tenacity and perseverance but also obstinance. It is important to control this strength and to display more flexibility. It is good to persevere in one’s efforts, but not in one’s errors.

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A demanding sensuality may be tyrannical. The sign of Taurus in its “pure essence” becomes the victim and the slave of its passions.  Memory for feelings is very strong… this configuration never forgets loyalty and similarly, never forget grudges.

Mercury In Aries

A very active mind and quick intellect accompanies this placement. Communication style is enhanced in areas for which there is passion. Forceful and eloquent this aspect concords with Hitler’s effective and formidable oratorical abilities.

Positions of Planets

Sun 0°48′ Taurus
Moon 6°38′ Capricorn
Mercury 25°40′ Aries
Venus 16°42′ Я Taurus
Mars 16°23′ Taurus
Jupiter 8°15′ Capricorn
Saturn 13°28′ Leo
Uranus 19°29′ Я Libra
Neptune 0°51′ Gemini
Pluto 4°40′ Gemini
Chiron 6°50′ Cancer
Ceres 28°46′ Cancer
Pallas 1°47′ Cancer
Juno 24°42′ Я Virgo
Vesta 19°02′ Taurus
Node 15°06′ Я Cancer
Lilith 23°02′ Я Taurus
Fortune 2°32′ Cancer
AS 26°42′ Libra
MC 4°12′ Leo

Planets in Houses*

Sun House 7
Moon House 3
Mercury House 6
Venus House 7
Mars House 7
Jupiter House 3
Saturn House 10
Uranus House 12
Neptune House 8
Pluto House 8
Chiron House 9
Ceres House 9
Pallas House 9
Juno House 11
Vesta House 7
Node House 9
Lilith House 8
Fortune House 9

Positions of Houses

House 1 26°42′ Libra
House 2 23°58′ Scorpio
House 3 27°06′ Sagittarius
House 4 4°12′ Aquarius
House 5 8°06′ Pisces
House 6 5°23′ Aries
House 7 26°42′ Aries
House 8 23°58′ Taurus
House 9 27°06′ Gemini
House 10 4°12′ Leo
House 11 8°06′ Virgo
House 12 5°23′ Libra

List of Aspects

Venus Conjunction Mars Orb 0°18′
Moon Conjunction Jupiter Orb 1°36′
Neptune Conjunction Pluto Orb 3°49′
Sun Conjunction Mercury Orb 5°08′
Uranus Conjunction AS Orb 7°12′
Saturn Conjunction MC Orb 9°15′
Mercury Opposite AS Orb 1°02′
Sun Opposite AS Orb 4°06′
Mercury Opposite Uranus Orb 6°10′
Mars Square Saturn Orb 2°55′
Venus Square Saturn Orb 3°14′
Sun Square MC Orb 3°23′
Sun Trine Moon Orb 5°49′
Sun Trine Jupiter Orb 7°26′
Mars Trine Jupiter Orb 8°08′
Pluto Sextile MC Orb 0°27′
Neptune Sextile MC Orb 3°21′
Saturn Sextile Uranus Orb 6°01′
Moon Inconjunction Pluto Orb 1°57′
Moon Inconjunction MC Orb 2°25′
Venus Inconjunction Uranus Orb 2°47′
Uranus SesquiQuadrate Pluto Orb 0°10′
Jupiter Quintile AS Orb 0°27′
Saturn Quintile Neptune Orb 0°36′
Moon BiQuintile Neptune Orb 0°12′
Jupiter BiQuintile Saturn Orb 0°47′
Moon BiQuintile Saturn Orb 0°49′
Sun SemiSextile Neptune Orb 0°02′

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Jetta Moon

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One thought on “Hitler’s Natal Chart

  1. Geli Raubel.

    Rectified birthtime 08h,59m23s0; timezone – 1 hour.

    Ascendant 16 degrees Leo.

    MC 1 degree Taurus.

    Cusp 3, 29 degrees Virgo = Cusp 12 of Adolf Hitler.

    Draconis and Mercurius 7 degrees Cancer = conjunct Hitler’s Chiron 7 degrees Cancer = opposite his Moon ruler MC in 7 degrees Capricorn.

    Mars 9 degrees Cancer = opposite Hitler’s Jupiter 9 degrees Capricorn.

    Progressive aspect.

    18-Sep-1931 001°,09’31 Maagd Asc 135 Ura

    Uranus is ruler Descendant.

    Ascendant 2 degrees Virgo =
    Sabian Symbol: A simple but impressively large white cross has been set up in splendid isolation on top of a commanding eminence.


    17-Sep-1931 013°,16’40 Leo Jup 60 Sun
    17-Sep-1931 -11°,42’30 Mars # MC
    18-Sep-1931 013°,25’26 Leo Jup 30 Nep
    18-Sep-1931 000°,39’30 Scorpio Mars 180 MC
    18-Sep-1931 006°,14’52 Virgo Nep 60 Drac

    Adolf Hitler.

    Rectified birthtime 17h,58m10s8; timezone -00h,52m09s

    MC 27 degrees Cancer.

    Ascendant 21 degrees Libra.

    Progressive aspects.

    19-Sep-1931 006°,50’12 Cancer Maan 0 Chiron
    25-Sep-1931 -17°,54’11 Asc # Sat


    18-Sep-1931 013°,27’35 Leo Jup 0 Sat
    20-Sep-1931 013°,46’40 Leo Jup 45 C-12
    20-Sep-1931 006°,18’44 Virgo Nep 120 Moon
    20-Sep-1931 026°,23’32 Virgo Sun 90 Pars
    25-Sep-1931 +16°,53’55 Jup // Mars

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