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What Each Myers-Briggs Type Would Do With A Million Dollars

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What would you do if you suddenly struck it rich? How about a million dollars? Many of us could rattle off a number of things we would do with that kind of fortune like buy a bentley and a helicopter, but these days, a million doesn’t go as far as it used to. Here is a look at what each Myers-Briggs type might do with a million dollars.


INTP would likely try to conserve their money initially while they research all the options newly available to them, which may include learning all about investing and the wonderful world of money markets. INTPs may try to use their money to finance the things they’ve always wanted to do such as travel abroad or use their financial freedom to devote all their time towards meaningful pursuits that they previously could not afford to focus on.


An INTJ would likely use their money to buy their freedom and get away from the rat race. They would take the chance to start exploring more unconventional revenue sources like writing a book and actualizing some business ideas. INTJs pay attention to trends and long term trajectories and so they may be able to leverage their foresight to capitalize on some great business opportunities well before anyone else could notice them.


ENTP would likely use some of their fortune to help fund their big idea or invention. Studies have shown ENTPs along with INTPs to be overrepresented among inventive people who actively spend their spare time working on developing some clever problem solving apparatus. Getting someone to invest in their ideas and help get them off the ground can often be the biggest obstacle any inventor faces. A million dollars could open up a lot of doors for ENTP’s objectives..


ENTJs would likely know exactly what to do with a million bucks. ENTJs tend to be very good with money and finding ways of making more of it. ENTJs would likely start some ambitious, daring and smart enterprises that will ultimately make their money multiply. Elon Musk and Mark Cuban are great examples. ENTJs tend to be very bright and knowledgeable but they also have vision which is an asset in business. Their mindset is ahead of the curve which compels them to take big risks that pay off big league.


With all that money at their disposal, INFPs may go head and quit their job to devote a year or two to write that novel or screenplay they may have been thinking about. INFPs dream of the freedom to make a living through their creativity. Having to earn a living doing things they probably don’t care about, takes up a lot of their time they would rather invest in their interests which often may not be profitable at the moment. An investment of million dollars would free them up to pursue their dreams more vigorously which hopefully becomes a success before their dream fund runs out.

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INFJ would likely put some of their money toward funding some cause they truly care about like maybe a local animal or human shelter or perhaps a vegan activist organization. But INFJs are smart and they will likely also seek out smart investments to multiply their money. They may also look into starting a business centered around their passions such as maybe operating a coffee boutique or online proprietorship of some kind. They may also write books where they can get their special insights, views and ideas on some important issues out into the public forum.


With a surplus of money, an ENFP’s head may go dizzy with the possibilities spinning in their head. Aside from initiating creative money-making ventures, an ENFP will likely want to take an extended vacation from the ordinary life and travel around the world full-time to explore and rack up interesting experiences that will rev up and inspire their creativity. During their excursion, ENFPs may bravely throw themselves into unusual situations like doing improv at a comedy club, or exploring haunted houses around the world, All the interesting things they experience will likely be channeled into their writing which may in turn make them more money.


With a million dollars, an ENFJ will likely want to use that money to help enrich their community as well as themselves. ENFJs recognize the power that money has and they may want to utilize it as a tool to better the world rather than spend on frivolous material things only for themselves. They are very generous and may donate portions of it to causes and non-profit organizations and also individuals in their immediate circle such as family and friends. They will likely be compelled to invest their money in people by funding education and combating poverty.


With a million dollars, ISTJ would likely invest most of their money in capital ventures. ISTJs are very practical and financially savvy. ISTJs tend to be good with numbers and they likely take an interest in learning the nitty gritty details of the world of wall street that allows them to make very well informed decisions when creating their stock portfolios. They may also go into business themselves where they can make money as an advisor or consultant of some sort.


With a million dollars, ISFJs will likely want to use their money to help others, but mostly family members in particular. ISFJs may use some of their money to finance their education and earn a higher degree in a more lucrative career, probably in the medical, psychiatric or culinary fields. ISFJs like to stay busy and so they probably would not want to use their money for an early retirement. They would mostly appreciate the money for the financial security it provides while they continue to focus on doing the work they enjoy.

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Even with a lot of money, ESFJs will not likely want spend all their time reclining at the beach with a mint julep. ESFJs want to be gainfully employed and will probably use a million dollars to empower them to do more impactful work where they are playing an active role as part of a team. ESFJs may be drawn to humanitarianism and volunteer work while they explore practical ways to invest their money. No matter how rich they are, ESFJs will always want to have a reason to work with people and have an active presence in the public sphere.


ESTJs are statistically the highest earning MBTI type along with ENTJs. ESTJs are often good at making money and they enjoy the status and power it can provide. With a million dollars, ESTJs are likely use it to help in securing for themselves powerful positions of influence. ESTJs are high achievers and they want to be seen as being accomplished and respected members of society. Even with a million dollars, they will likely continue to work until they retire with a pension.


With a million dollars burning a hole in their pocket, ISTPs will probably try to double their money through online betting and placing wagers with bookies. They would probably invest in real estate and dabble in a variety of other profitable ventures that basically run themselves and bring them revenue. ISTPs like business models where they can own and operate from behind the scenes requiring only tangential involvement on their part. ISTP would rather be out living it up and using their money to fuel their thrill seeking escapades.


With a million at their disposal, ISFPs would likely use it among other things to purchase a swanky studio warehouse optimized to stimulate their creative productivity. They would probably live like a bohemian artist, without being overly flashy or gaudy in the display of their wealth. They will invest in nice things and unusual things that look good to them and add personality to their surroundings and personal image. They may become a little profligate in their spending habits however and so they might also want to use some of their money to hire an accountant or a business manager.

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ESFPs if they had their way, would probably want to live like royals every day of their lives. They want to party and experience life to the fullest and money allows them to do that. With a million dollars, they would probably treat themselves and their friends to a taste of the high life, and will probably hop on a private jet to Cancun and exotic locations like Bora Bora. With all that money ESFP will likely upgrade their clothing, the car they drive and living space immediately.


ESTP would likely spend a significant portion of their money at Las Vegas. ESTPs are risk takers and so it is highly probable that they would try their hand at the baccarat table like James Bond. Or they might wager on horse races or other sporting events such as the Mayweather-McConor fight. Otherwise, an ESTP may simply start an ambitious business venture since they also have a good eye for spotting and capitalizing on the next big idea.

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