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Aries Sun Scorpio Moon

aries sun scorpio moon

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

– The Cynosure –

You are someone who possesses an intense and hypnotic gaze that seems to penetrate through people. There is no shortage of confidence here and you take a lot of pride in your abilities and accomplishments. Your individuality is very important to you and compels you to distinguish yourself from the crowd. You want to be your own person and refuse to follow the herd, preferring instead to carve a path of your own design. Mediocrity is the bane of your existence and you view life as a gift to be made the most of.

The Aries sun Scorpio moon combination suggests a personality that is very magnetic and alluring. You exude an aura of coolness and people are just drawn to your energy. When you decide that you want to do something, you go for it and there is not much that can deter you from attaining your objectives. You enjoy competition and opportunities to test your strength or abilities. Because of your confidence and self-assuredness, others may look to you as a competent leader.

You have a very strong will and when the object of your desire is taken from you, you can become very upset. Emotions can be very volatile with this Aries/Scorpio dynamic. There may be a proneness towards jealousy and vindictiveness in response to perceived slights. When met with opposition, you can be very uncompromising and attempt to intimidate your opponent by pulling a power move of some sort. Negotiation is not your forte and development of diplomacy and tact may be in order.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon Celebrities

  • Lady Gaga – Born: March 28, 1986
  • Mariah Carey – Born: March 27, 1970
  • Charlie Chaplin – Born: April 16, 1889
  • Linda Goodman – Born: April 10, 1925
  • Hayden Christensen – Born: April 19, 1981
  • Shannen Doherty – Born: April 12, 1971
  • Jenna Jameson – Born: April 9, 1974
  • Eddie Murphy – Born: April 3, 1961
  • Steven Tyler – Born: March 26, 1948
  • Eric Clapton – Born: March 30, 1945
  • Claudia Cardinale – Born: April 15, 1938
  • Warren Beatty –  Born: March 30, 1937
  • Edie Sedgwick – Born: April 20, 1943
  • Francis Ford Coppola – Born: April 7, 1939
  • Timothy Dalton – Born: March 21, 1946
  • Martin Lawrence – Born: April 16, 1965
  • Tracy Chapman – Born: March 30, 1964
  • James Garner – Born: April 7, 1928
  • Nancy Pelosi – Born: March 26, 1940

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