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6 Life-Changing Self Improvement Hacks You Can Use Today

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We are each a work in progress and the pursuit of self improvement and self betterment is a lifelong process that is never complete. There is always room to grow and learn. This wisdom comes naturally with time and experience, but there are a number of habits you can incorporate into your life that will instantly benefit you. Here are 6 scientifically supported ways to boost your well being and success in life right now.

1. Show Your Appreciation For Others.

Make a concerted effort to recognize and acknowledge the things you are truly grateful for about the people in your life, both professionally and personally. Take the time to think of the ways in which those people have helped you and express your gratitude through whatever means available be it text or email, over the phone or face-to-face. Just make sure it is genuine and from the heart. It has been proven scientifically that by doing this regularly over a period of 21 days, your brain will become conditioned to look for positives rather than the negatives and your overall optimism and outlook will be improved significantly.

2. Learn About Other People’s Expertise.

Take an interest in what others are passionate or knowledgeable about and seriously try to learn from them. People love to talk about what they are expert at, and showing an interest in learning about that expertise directly from them makes people feel appreciated and valued. Find three people you’d like to apprentice yourself to and allot a block of time to spend with them. This opportunity will benefit you and make the other person feel good in having the chance to share their knowledge.

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3. Invest in People.

Helping other people improves your life satisfaction and happiness. According to a study of more than 600 Americans, the more we give, the happier we are likely to be. There was found to be a positive correlation between happiness and altruism. Individuals who engaged in more “prosocial spending” were found to be happier even after taking their income level into account. A Gallup poll taken between 2006 and 2008 also found that among 120 different countries, people who donated to charity in the past month reported greater life satisfaction.

4. Manage Yourself Better.

Organizing and sorting out your priorities better can pay dividends and boost your productivity and life satisfaction. Multitasking can make us feel productive, but too much can become counter productive. Research has found that juggling too many tasks can be detrimental to our neuro-efficiency and diminishes our focus and quality of work. Be on time and stick to the allotted start and stop times allocated for schedules and meeting. Define your boundaries and assert them to others. Say ‘no’ to people when necessary and avoid time-wasting distractions.

5. Don’t Hold Grudges.

Holding onto resentment can ultimately do you more harm than it’s worth. Learning to let go of negative emotions in both the workplace and your personal life and adopting a spirit of forgiveness will only work wonders for you. A study of 200 employees found that forgiveness was linked to increased productivity and decreased absenteeism. Fewer mental and physical maladies were also reported. Hanging onto negative feelings after a conflict only creates a barrier to your own happiness. Don’t imprison yourself in a cage of animus.

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6. Make A “To Be” List.

It’s important to strive after your goals and the common “to do” list is instrumental in helping us enumerate our long term agenda into bite-sized executable tasks. But in between the doing, it is equally important to be in the moment and enjoy the gift of life. Billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group encourages people to make a “to be” list. Disengage from the pursuit of goals for a moment and remember that life is for the living. The most important things to your happiness are the people you love, and your health. So remember to appreciate every moment and be healthy, be there for friends and family, be bold, and be present.

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