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31 Signs You Are Highly Narcissistic

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), is one of the 4 “Cluster B” personality disorders classified in the DSM-5. Psychologists estimate that around 1% of the population are affected with NPD. These days, the term may be misattributed to normal healthy ego behaviors like good self esteem and moderate self care. A healthy level of narcissism is normal and causes little harm to others. Narcissistic Personality Disorder on the other hand, encompasses an array of problematic behaviors that create dysfunctional and abusive relations with others.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a pattern of grandiose and self-centered behavior beginning as early as childhood. To be diagnosed as having NPD, an individual must exhibit a persistent pattern of 5 or more of the associated NPD characteristics listed in the DSM. The problem with diagnosing individuals with NPD is that Narcissists are inclined to deny there being anything wrong with them or subject themselves to evaluation by therapists who could make such a diagnosis.

It is important to seek a licensed professional trained to properly assess and diagnose psychological disorders rather than diagnose yourself. That said, here is an informal list of 31 signs to consider as indications that you or someone you know might be a narcissist. You can also check out this post about how to spot a covert narcissist.

  1. You perceive yourself as being special and unique and expect special treatment without justification.

  2. You really couldn’t fathom sacrificing your life for anyone, not even your family.

  3. Seeing other people receiving recognition or praise triggers jealousy in you.

  4. When people criticize you, you tend to presume it is because they are somehow jealous or envious of you.

  5. You do not take rejection well and can be highly vindictive against those who turn you down in any way.

  6. You’re more interested in talking about yourself and have low curiosity about others.

  7. You tend to exaggerate and embellish your own accomplishments while downplaying those of others.

  8. You fantasize about unlimited success, status and wealth.

  9. You tend to believe that other people are as impressed with you as you are.

  10. You have a strong sense of entitlement from the world.

  11. You are super vain and overly concerned with your image and appearance.

  12. You take advantage of people for your personal gain.

  13. You avoid accepting blame for mistakes and mishaps and will often find a way to deflect and put the blame on others.

  14. You lack empathy and genuine concern for how other people feel.

  15. You think rules are for other people and you don’t feel you should have to explain yourself or justify your actions to anyone.

  16. You can be very glib and condescending.

  17. You have a penchant for making everything about you.

  18. Generally, you are only motivated to help people when there is something in it for you.

  19. You dislike people questioning you and expect others to simply comply or take you for your word.

  20. You dislike performing menial, lowly roles or just being part of the crowd. You want roles where you can stand out as special or appear superior.

  21. You have engaged in smear campaigns against those who’ve opposed you or bruised your ego.

  22. You enjoy exercising control over people and telling them what to do.

  23. You only cry for yourself and about the things that you wanted but didn’t get. You’ve also used your tears to gain pity from others.

  24. You tend to associate with people who either have something you want or people who make you feel better about yourself by comparison.

  25. You like to tell stories of how you got the upperhand over others.

  26. You are not very open to feedback from others and dislike being asked to make reasonable changes in your behavior to accommodate them.

  27. You like to make fun of others and engage in rude and insensitive putdowns.

  28. You often refer to other people and situations as “stupid”.

  29. You demand and feel you deserve, “the best” things.

  30. You tend to weasel out of taking responsibility or giving apologies.

  31. You hate being ignored, or being seen as “common”.

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