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The Weirdest Traits In Each Myers Briggs Type

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[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h boy, why are INTPs so weird? With ‘Extroverted Feeling’ as their inferior function, INTPs are predisposed to violating social codes and normal expectations of behavior. Not in a willfully defiant way but rather out of genuine obliviousness or ignorance. The process of assimilating with social norms carries a steeper learning curve for them, and so they will experience a protracted awkward phase before they acquire a sufficient level of normalcy. INTPs are loathe to do anything for which they do not understand the purpose, specifically a purpose they deem as worthwhile or meaningful. Because of this they may be unwilling to bow to customs they think are stupid. To avoid unnecessary conflict however, they may comply if it is not worth the trouble of rocking the boat.

That being said, what an INTP finds meaningful or worthwhile could appear bizarre to others. INTPs are primarily drawn to novelty and new or unusual ideas; most mainstream things will hold little allure to them. INTPs have a quirky side to them that is not readily apparent to those who don’t know them well. People are often surprised when they discover how hilarious and wry an INTP can be. Beneath their reserved persona is a loopy under-current of randomness that often produces amusing ideas that crack INTPs up. INTPs can also be very obsessive and hermetic. They can become extremely engrossed with untangling a problem or exploring an intriguing idea inside and out, during which an INTP will be interested in little else.

Their capacity for divergent thinking means they can spend a lot of time throwing out ideas to see what sticks. INTPs actually enjoy sharing the weird things they come up with. They are normally quiet and nondescript characters but when a brilliant idea has taken hold over them, they can be all too eager to share and discuss it at every opportunity to anyone who expresses a modicum of interest in hearing about it. But talking about the weather or lunch plans? They can’t even.

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source: Weirdest MBTI Type – Personality Cafe

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    1. Trey

      The ENFP section is pretty off at the beginning. Due to our Fi, we don’t really feel comfortable with sharing deep secrets and emotions with others unless we are very close to them. Just a petty little observation.

    2. Kylie

      For the INFJ section, I feel that the explanation of “weirdness” wasn’t really addressed. It mainly talked about the darker side of INFJs, but nothing to do with quirkiness. For example, INFJs can have a surprisingly dark sense of humor despite their sweetness and innocent appearance at times. And depending on how they’ve developed, they may have a dirty mind, most likely influenced by the company they keep, as well as their development and use of Ni and Se.

    3. Grace

      As an ENTJ, we are not inherently self centered or narcissistic. 1st of all, narcissism is a mental disorder, so anyone of any type can get it. 2nd of all, we’re goal oriented and do seek success, but that doesn’t mean we’re self centered. Many of us have goals to help people less fortunate than we are, myself included. This often is connected to our strong sense of justice. The entj you described in the first paragraph seems like a very unhealthy one, and while they exist, it’s unfair to compare all of us to one bad person, which is something that unfortunately happens a lot with ENTJs.

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