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What is Stefan Molyneux’s MBTI Type?

stefan molyneux mbti type

Stefan Molyneux is a philosopher, author and host of the Freedomain Radio podcast. Since 2006, his youtube channel has amassed a substantial audience with over 225,000,000 views as of Feb 2018. But what is Stefan’s MBTI personality? Here is a look at what MBTI type he might be based on some function stack analysis.

Introvert or Extravert?

Molyneux appears to be an extravert. He speaks very fast and seems pretty comfortable with public speaking. He is verbose and seems to relish the practice of communicating to an audience be it live and in person or over an internet broadcast. He is pensive and thoughtful, but on the whole, responds very quickly and doesn’t take very long to process things in his head.  He seems to be comfortable articulating his thoughts out loud. Even introverts who manage to become good public speakers still tend to exhibit more reservation and measuredness in their speaking style than what Molyneux typically shows.

Sensor or Intuitive?

Molyneux exhibits a clear case of intuition preference. He seems to take pleasure in dissecting the underlying messages and subtext of movies as evidenced in his “The Truth About…” video series. He attempts to peel back the curtain to explore the hidden and sometime insidious layer of meaning behind popular films such as “Frozen”, “The Last Jedi” and “The Black Panther”. He also does this for real-life events and major news stories. Only an intuitive person would bother drawing an abstract connection between the plot of a Disney movie and political ideologies such as feminism and the systematic vilification of men. In addition to this, the fact that he holds so great an interest in abstract ideas and problems of a very broad scale show that he focuses on the bigger picture the way intuitives are inclined to do..

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Thinker or Feeler?

“… I will not be bound down by prior statements, I will not be bound down by the preference of the audience. I regularly piss off my audience in ways that you can scarcely believe. It is a force of nature the backlash from the audience when I get new reason, new evidence, new arguments that goes against prior perspective; positions some of which I’ve even held myself.”

– Stefan Molyneux [What Pisses Me Off About Leftist Propagandists]

It is probably safe to rule out extraverted feeling as part of Molyneux’s function stack. Molyneux professes an anti-political correctness sentiment and an general opposition to left-leaning collectivism that loosely correlate with the qualities of Extraverted Feeling. Because he emphasizes the rights of the individual and liberty and the importance of not being dependent on the state, his values seem more aligned with Introverted Feeling which could be his auxiliary function if present at all.

However, there are signs of Te, and Ti on display in his presentations and discussions. He does a lot of explaining and makes his points with what he proffers to be logically consistent reasoning, and is very vocal in his opposition to sophistry and weak arguments. “But that is not an argument” has become a sort of catch phrase Molyneux has frequently deployed. Morality and ethics inform his views and seem to form the crux of what Molyneux largely focuses on. Molyneux however, is also an empiricist who readily brings up statistics and often relies on empirical studies to buttress his points.

An example of this would be in his videos about race and I.Q. and the racially focused crime statistics, that have been a recurring topic on his channel. He stands by statistics showing blacks to have lower I.Q.s than whites on average and also showing them to commit a higher proportion of crimes relative to their population. He cites other unflattering but hard to dispute figures about struggling black countries such as Haiti despite the incendiary nature of what they suggest which many view as unfair and misleading. It’s unlikely that an Fi user would be inclined to focus on such dismal and inconvenient “truths” unless they supported beliefs already held.

To Molyneux’s credit, there doesn’t seem to be anything necessarily malign in his intentions for harping on I.Q. and other statistical disparities. I.Q. is something he seems to value highly (perhaps for vainglorious reasons) and regardless how uncomfortable some stats can be, he seems to be consistent in his favor of empirical facts over sentimental ideals and beliefs which indicates he has more of a Ti preference than an Fi one.

Perceiver or Judger?

Since Stefan is decidedly extraverted, I would argue Ti to be his auxiliary function. This means his dominant function would be Ne or Se making him a perceiver type. If Stefan has any type of extraverted sensing preference, it is not evident in his videos although he has sometimes recalled doing some outdoorsy stuff in the past such as prospecting. All in all, he doesn’t come across as a hands on, physical or thrill-seeking person as Se would indicate. He exhibits a pronounced focus on ideas and abstraction and is very much a man of words. He clearly likes to debate and is very good at making counter arguments, using sarcasm and coming up with clever analogies and spurting out elaborate displays of highfalutin verbosity which is all very much a sign of an Extraverted Intuition user. When you consider the egotism as well, Molyneux is very likely to be an ENTP.

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