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Moon Conjunct Venus

“Milky way- The suicide of a farmers daughter” by thegirlcansmile

Romantic Soul

You love being in love and can remember vividly the sensation of your first infatuation. Breakups are tough and though you never completely get over someone you’ve loved, you are able to pick up the pieces and start anew. Each relationship is like a beautiful garden to which you tend with tender care and attention. You water it with love and affection and devote considerable effort toward it’s maintenance. When your other half does not show the same commitment, it hurts you. Love is a two-way street and you deserve a partner who is as thoughtful and romantic as you are or at least one who appreciates the sentiment. You fall in love easily and are a sucker for beautiful appearances and superficial cynosures. Flattery will get others everywhere with you as it sparks the romantic candles in your brain.

You possess fine taste and an eye for quality and you are liable to become an avid incense user whose home smells like a Turkish harem. That’s a flagrant generalization but the point is that you like nice things.  You are an afficionado of all things sensual and you may have a greater emotional response to food and material comforts. However, if your moon and venus are well aspected with Saturn, then excessive emotional eating should not become an issue. Your loving nature may manifest in a desire to nurture others especially animals. You probably own a pet of some kind or hold an interest in getting one because they can satisfy the need to dote and express affection. You are sensitive to disharmony and the suffering of others which sullies and puts a damper on your idyllic ideals. You are not fond of violence and cruelty is unconscionable to you. You have pacifistic tendencies and are able to assuage conflict with your calming influence.

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