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Libra Sun + Moon Combinations

The sign of Libra is the 7th in the zodiac roster. Libra is described as being friendly, harmonious, polite, and romantic among other things. As a sun sign, the Libra characteristics may be modified or obscured by the traits of the moon sign. Here is a look at each Libra sun-moon sign combination showing how the Libra personality may vary across each. If you don’t know your moon sign, you can find it here using this free natal chart calculator and generate a full birth chart replete with all planetary positions.


Libra Sun Gemini Moon

The Libra sun Gemini moon combination suggests a personality that is bubbly, coquettish and witty. This person is very social and friendly and they seem to be on good terms with almost everyone they encounter. People like them instantly because they are just so blithe and friendly. They come across as genuine and thoughtful and their minds are sharp and alert. They love to talk and discuss almost anything and their communications skills are excellent.

Emotionally, the Libra sun Gemini moon personality is something of a people pleaser. They rely heavily on the validation and approbation of others especially those they hold in high esteem. They are likely to be highly social and conscientious and may excel at roles in which their personality can really shine. They are excellent hosts who may bend over backwards trying to make others feel comfortable. Their way with words is notable and they seem able to talk themselves out of almost any situation. Sometimes they are too charming for their own good.

The Libra sun Gemini moon man or woman is likely to maintain a youthful disposition throughout their lives. They like to enjoy themselves and they enjoy sharing the good times with the people around them. When the people are happy, they are happy. They don’t take themselves too seriously and are able to laugh at themselves or indulge a good joke at their expense. Their public image is important to them and they do devote their time and energy to make sure they look their best and stay in respectable condition. They can be a bit vain and superficial and display emotional depth others view as shallow or glib.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon Celebrities

  • Vladimir Putin – Born: October 7, 1952
  • Brigitte Bardot – Born:    September 28, 1934
  • Gwyneth Paltrow – Born: September 27, 1972
  • Hugh Jackman – Born: October 12, 1968
  • Dita von Teese – Born: September 28, 1972
  • Roger Moore – Born: October 14, 1927
  • Barbara Walters – Born: September 25, 1929
  • Emily Deschanel – Born: October 11, 1976
  • Zach Galifianakis – Born: October 1, 1969
  • Groucho Marx – Born:    October 2, 1890
  • Jason Alexander – Born: September 23, 1959
  • Brandon Routh – Born: October 9, 1979
  • Ken Watanabe – Born: October 21, 1959
  • Phil Hartman – Born: September 24, 1948
  • Zachary Levi – Born: September 29, 1980
  • Lynette Fromme – Born: October 22, 1948

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