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Libra Sun + Moon Combinations

The sign of Libra is the 7th in the zodiac roster. Libra is described as being friendly, harmonious, polite, and romantic among other things. As a sun sign, the Libra characteristics may be modified or obscured by the traits of the moon sign. Here is a look at each Libra sun-moon sign combination showing how the Libra personality may vary across each. If you don’t know your moon sign, you can find it here using this free natal chart calculator and generate a full birth chart replete with all planetary positions.


Libra Sun Pisces Moon

The Libra sun Pisces moon combination suggests someone that is very kind, sensitive and imaginative. They have a rich fantasy life and they likely have a very creative mind for which they might have a number of creative outlets. They are full of ideas and a lot of them may revolve around style, fashion, and poetry or fiction. They are likely to be very clever creative thinkers with an artistic temperament. They appreciate good quality and refinery and may be excellent as clothing designers, interior designers and graphic designers.

The Libra sun Pisces moon person is bound to be a person who prefers to take it nice and easy and their personalities can be a bit vague and hard to pin down. They sometimes drift and may be a bit impressionable and easily influenced by others. They can be both materialistic and spiritual but they don’t seem to staunchly committed to anything. They tend to go with the flow and prefer to keep their options open since they are frequently subject to changing their minds.

The Libra sun Pisces moon male or female is bound to be very attractive and they are very idealistic romantics. They may sometimes set too high an expectation on their partners, sometimes putting them on a pedestal only to be let down. They tend to see what they wish to see and may overlook red flags and bad signs for too long. They themselves may struggle with the addictive qualities of their personality and poor decision-making. They may need to take special caution and avoid falling into bad habits that may include unhealthy diet and lifestyle and drug and alcohol abuse.

Libra Sun Pisces Moon Celebrities

  • Kim Kardashian – Born: October 21, 1980
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Born:    September 25, 1969
  • Aleister Crowley – Born: October 12, 1875
  • Silvio Berlusconi – Born: September 29, 1936
  • Usher (entertainer) – Born: October 14, 1978
  • Rita Hayworth – Born:    October 17, 1918
  • Alicia Silverstone – Born: October 4, 1976
  • Klaus Kinski – Born: October 18, 1926
  • Alessandra Sublet – Born: October 5, 1976
  • Yves Montand – Born:    October 13, 1921
  • Tom Petty – Born: October 20, 1950
  • Rekha (actress) – Born: October 10, 1954
  • Christophe Maé – Born: October 16, 1975
  • Bernard Lavilliers – Born: October 7, 1946
  • Valérie Bègue – Born: September 26, 1985
  • Chuck Berry – Born: October 18, 1926
  • Mark Rendall – Born: October 21, 1988
  • Jean-Louis Debré – Born: September 30, 1944
  • David Lee Roth – Born: October 10, 1954
  • Prosper Mérimée – Born: September 28, 1803
  • Maria Dabrowska – Born: October 6, 1889
  • Gérald de Palmas – Born: October 14, 1967
  • Felicity Jones – Born: October 17, 1983
  • Agnès Jaoui – Born: October 19, 1964
  • Meat Loaf – Born: September 27, 1947
  • Rachael Leigh Cook – Born: October 4, 1979
  • Michael Madsen – Born: September 25, 1958

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