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Leo Sun Gemini Moon personality

Leo sun gemini moon

Leo Sun Gemini Moon Personality 

The Clever Minx – The Leo sun Gemini moon man or woman is witty and charming – and they know it. They pride themselves on their volubility and their ability to speak on almost any topic and be compelling about it. People enjoy their company and they tend to get along with most. The Leo sun Gemini person may sometimes come across as glib and lacking in depth but they are likely to be socially popular nonetheless. They are bound to acquire a large number of friends and associates throughout their lives and wherever they go they are often able to strike a new friendship.

A person with their sun in Leo and the moon in Gemini is likely to carry a very light-hearted demeanor and seem not to take themselves too seriously. They can sometimes be impish pranksters who like to get a good laugh at others expense but not in a mean spirited way. They are crafty and may be good at hatching a clever plot to stage some hi-jinks and skullduggery. Their attention span may be on the short end as their flitting minds are very distractable. They seek mental stimulation and get bored very easily by anything redundant.

The Leo sun Gemini moon person likely does a lot of talking and and may communicate with dramatic flair. They are likely to have very expressive faces and mannerisms which might make them well suited for a career in acting whether in live theater or on the silver screen. The Leo sun Gemini moon male or female probably takes pleasure in performance art and probably has a talent for mimicry and imitations. They are restless and creative but very enthusiastic and excitable. They may have a tendency to spread themselves too thin by having more irons in the fire than they can realistically handle.

Sun in Leo
You display a firm will and a certain nobleness of heart. You make use of, and sometimes, you abuse of your persuasion powers in your efforts to project a brilliant image of yourself. Your generosity is unlimited towards the people who do not antagonize your beliefs. But you do not accept to be contradicted, and you do not tolerate errors and defeats. You are sensitive to power struggles and you strive to keep your image and your panache free from all stain. No one can step on your toes! Leo is ambitious and he does not rest until the exhibited power he conquered is fully respected. Therefore, you properly fulfill the responsibilities you are entrusted with, but above all, you make it a point of honor to show that you are up to any situation.

Moon in Gemini
On the day and at the time of your birth, the Moon was in the sign of Gemini. You easily adjust to all kinds of situations because your outgoing nature integrates the characteristics of your environment very quickly. You communicate your emotions, you share your pleasures, your joys… and your sorrows. Your lunar sign belongs to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis that is decidedly open on the external world. You display strong assimilation abilities and you readily adopt your entourage’s habits. Besides, your life setting does not necessarily have the stiff side that others may need to feel safe. You put up with rhythm changes and your balance is not upset by unforeseen events and contacts. On the contrary, you loathe solitude and you are very comfortable when you have to exchange and to relate to others.

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Leo Sun Gemini Moon Celebrities

Barack Obama – Born: August 4, 1961
Jennifer Lawrence – Born: August 15, 1990
Emmanuelle Béart – Born: August 14, 1963
Martine Aubry – Born: August 8, 1950
Alizée (singer) – Born: August 21, 1984
Kate Beckinsale – Born: July 26, 1973
Benito Mussolini – Born: July 29, 1883
Laurent Fabius – Born: August 20, 1946
Cameron McGill – Born: August 9, 1977
Amelia Earhart – Born: July 24, 1897
KRS-One – Born: August 20, 1965
Sridevi – Born: August 13, 1963
Mary-Louise Parker – Born: August 2, 1964
Sebastian Stan – Born: August 13, 1982
Kristen Wiig – Born: August 22, 1973
Anémone (actress) – Born: August 9, 1950
Parker McKenna Posey – Born: August 18, 1995
Theo van Gogh (film director) – Born: July 23, 1957
Zahwa Arafat – Born: July 24, 1995
Vincent Zulawski – Born: July 24, 1995
Ted Hughes – Born: August 17, 1930
Claude Sarraute – Born: July 24, 1927

Leo sun gemini moon

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