The Planets and Luminaries

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Each sign has a ruling planet or pair of planets linked to it from which it inherits it’s characteristics. In your birth chart the planets hold influence and power and can affect and augment your chart depending on their placement and configuration.

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The suns placement in your chart indicates your sun sign. This tends to be the most popular type of sign in western astrology.


Although the  moon does not create its own light, it reflects that of the sun. But the amount it reflects waxes and wanes. The moon represents the unconscious desires and underlying causes behind our actions and responses. It points to our inner child and may also indicate where our jealousy, hatred, pain and insecurities reside .


In roman myth, mars was a god of war and aggression. Wherever this planet is placed will supercharge that area with a dozen red bulls- worth of drive and napoleon- like a** hole energy.


Planet named after the roman god of communication. Wherever this planet is placed will result in an emphasis on communication. Either a need for it or an enhanced ability for it.

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This planet named after the goddess of love and beauty expresses its power in the area of relationships and love. Venus emphasizes harmony wherever it is placed.


Jupiter was king of the gods and in terms of size alone his namesake planet lives up to that charge. Jupiter emphasizes philosophical wisdom, intellectual expansion, exploration and adventure.


Saturn is substantial wherever it appears. It is an amplifier of sorts. It also carries a  grounding influence that is disciplinary and illicits growth and development.


The planet named after the roman sea god emphasizes the imagination and fantasy.


This planet encourages breaking out of regimes and conventional strictures. emphasizes rebellion, activism and subversiveness. It is also associated with technology.


This planet gets its appellation from the roman cthonic god (and not popeyes archnemesis) . Which is why this planet is associated with spiritual death and regeneration. Pluto is dark mysterious and deals with revealing the unknown.


In addition to the planets, their are other celestial bodies which exert their particular influences further shaping your cosmic destiny. Here’s the scoop on each one.


Ceres is associated with matters of mothering and nurturing relationships. It shows the way we feel nurtured and how we like to nurture others. It also relates to self esteem and psychological and emotional problems stemming from childhood trauma and the parents.


Named after the wounded tutelary centaur of mythology this asteroid deals with health and disease and the notion of  turning our emotional wounds into strengths. Chiron presents humbling lessons that build character and emotional growth.


The virgin goddess and sister of Jupiter, represents dedication and chastity, purity and self respect. Like Virgo she is associated with the intestines and also matters of securities and investments and secrecy. Where vesta is placed will indicate development of pure potential.


This daughter of Jupiter is of a  cerebral nature and focuses on ideas, justice, and creativity. Wherever Pallas is found in your chart will suggest an area of talent and aptitude.


Named after the wife of Jupiter, this asteroid deals with marriage, fashion, and beauty and also matters of domestic abuse, infidelity and womens rights. Junos placement in your chart indicates where you may meet a special someone, perhaps a soul mate even.


A mathmatical point that amplifies conjuncted planets.


A mathematical point that indicates dark taboos, violence and sexuality.


Represents the goals that must be fulfilled in life.


Represents goals already reached in life.

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