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MBTI Stress | The 16 Types When Overwhelmed With Stress

mbti stress

“Big small world” by adrianismyname – mbti stress

intp stress

mbti stress


[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nder extreme stress, INTPs will become hyper critical of other’s expectations and demands, while simultaneously craving their affection and appreciation. INTP’s thoughts will grow increasingly complicated and disconnected from objective reality, instead focusing on largely subjective and paranoid interpretations of the events occurring around them. Frustrations will lead INTPs to develop various phobias and psychosomatic fears, becoming uncharacteristically concerned with their physical health and the effect that their environment can have on it

When stressed out, INTP’s intense emotions will come to the surface. Major triggers for this include having their need for space and introversion violated and disrespected (ex. others intruding on their space and uninvited visitors), or having their principles and convictions trampled on. Under these circumstances, INTPs will likely find themselves “in the grip” of their inferior function, Extraverted Feeling.  At this point, INTPs are likely to behave completely out of character.  They will become more emotionally engaged and obsessed with their logic and will be more argumentative, while at the same time becoming increasingly disorganized and forgetful of mundane matters. INTPs may become hypersensitive and take insignificant details and remarks more personally than normal. They may develop the belief that others dislike or hate them, and they may become uncharacteristically emotional and bitter.


  • Being boxed in and constrained by responsibilities
  • Being forced to do un-challenging and repetitive work
  • Working with incompetent, chatty people
  • Teamwork
  • Supervising others and monitoring their work
  • Too much extraverting
  • Emotionally charged situations
  • Being underappreciated for their abilities and contribution
  • People invading their space
  • INTP money issues

Stress Response:

  • Withdrawal and quietness; increased irritability
  • Excessive thinking and cogitating with emphasis on logic; paralysis of analysis
  • Intellectually combative and increasingly insensitive to emotional climate
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Feelings of not being liked or appreciated
  • Forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion
  • Passive aggressiveness
  • Sarcastic and mean remarks
  • Vagueness, distractibility, disorganization

Mounting stress and pressure can lead to a complete and epic unraveling of our psychological fabric that gives way to a side of ourselves that others despise. How we respond to that stress and the types of stress we are sensitive to will vary from person to person. In the Myers Briggs type theory, each personality type manifests signs of stress in ways particular to them and the sources and causes of it will differ as well. Although there are life conditions that everyone finds to be stressful, the stress responses of some types can be triggered by events and circumstances that a different type may experience as desirable and energizing.

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