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12 Variations of the INTP Personality Type

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In astrology, it is known that there are distinct differences among persons of the same zodiac sign. With the Myers Briggs, there are also shades of variation among shared types. While it appears that there is no 1 to 1 correlation between Myers Briggs type and astrology sign, it could be that the astrology sign may produce variations of a given Myers Briggs personality type. Here are 12 theoretical variations of the INTP personality.


An Aries INTP may be especially dynamic and ambitious but just as socially awkward as the others. Intellectual arrogance may be accentuated due to their highly active minds and intense curiosity to understand everything. They work in impulsive bursts of energy rather than a steady constant flow. They live and move with a sense of purpose,  silently amassing a wealth of knowledge as they go.  An Aries INTP will likely tend towards impatience and frustration with restrictions and impediments that threaten to thwart them and their objectives. Extra blunt and to the point, they are very quick to zero in on the gravamen of a matter and suss out an array of creative solutions and poignant insights.


The Taurus INTP may be slightly more persistent than others and possess an added dose of patience and pragmatism. They are likely to be especially quiet and reserved and can work tirelessly to bring their goals to fruition or to attain a complete and full understanding of something in which they are interested. This type of INTP may be especially obstinate and uncompromising when their principles are violated.


Gemini is an air sign naturally associated with intellect, communication skill and learning. A Gemini INTP is likely to be especially silver tongued and verbally agile. A bright and fast thinking mind with an avid interest in assimilating new information and mastering abstruse concepts. They may enjoy talking with anyone willing to listen or keep up with them but they prefer those who can challenge them and sharpen their ideas.


Cancers are emotional water signs which is something that runs counter to the phlegmatic INTP archetype. An INTP cancer may have a more developed Extraverted feeling (Fe) than the norm. This INTP likely has a soft underbelly for which they’ve developed defense mechanisms to protect. They may withdraw from the outside world into their “shell” when emotionally damaged and hurt. If they get burned enough times, they may develop an aloof and cold veneer to the point that they may deny having feelings at all. Only those who manage to penetrate their walls discover the loving and compassionate heart inside the robot.


Leos are proud and pompous and an INTP Leo is likely to be somewhat intellectually conceited or at least to appear to be so. They may intimidate others with the confidence with which they assert their points and arguments. INTP Leos may desire recognition and due credit for the brilliance of their ideas, and may feel slighted if they don’t feel properly acknowledged. They may be somewhat competitive and when they are insecure will likely be compelled to show off and try to impress others.


Virgos are modest and analytical which jibes naturally with the INTP personality type. VIrgo INTPs likely will be less interested in seeking recognition or taking credit for their work. They may have trouble asking for things like promotions or raises. They may be especially critical and scrutinizing in their analysis of both people and objects. This INTP may be more persnickety and argumentative and perhaps anal retentive about accuracy. Annoyingly so.


A Libran INTP might be very uncomfortable with conflict and will utilize tact and sensitivity to smooth things over or maintain the peace. They are not equipped to deal with emotional turmoil in any real capacity for they themselves have not mastery over their own. They may have a calm and awkward charm that others find affable. These INTPs may enjoy better social lives and an ability to extravert themselves more.


Scorpio INTPs are likely to be very private and mysterious individuals. They may carry an aura of intrigue that leaves others to only speculate. For their part however, their penetrating minds are adept at reading others and figuring them out. These INTPs probably love secrets and esoteric knowledge. They truly enjoy the process of using their intuition, piecing together clues, connecting the dots in the service of uncovering the truth.


Sagittarius is jovial and philosophical. It is also the associated with Jupiter which is the planet of higher learning. A sagittarius INTP is likely unafraid to express their opinion in an unfiltered and blunt manner. They may be especially restless, always seeking to broaden their horizons and improve themselves. Learning is a mutual interest of both INTPs and Sagittarians so this is a indistinguishable quality between them. However a Sagittarius INTP may be more willing to break free from their comfort zone to embark on more adventurous exploits.


Both Capricorns and INTPs are reserved and shrewd. However the Capricorn INTP will likely be more responsible and dutiful with an eye on achievement. Capricorn INTPs are willing to work hard towards a goal and may resemble more of an INTJ in many regards. They may feel comfortable in a tutelary role where they can share their knowledge through teaching.  They may also be especially sarcastic with a dry a sense of humor.


The Aquarian INTP will likely appear more eccentric and quirky like an ENTP. This INTP will probably have heightened rebellious streak and have a low tolerance for those who try to shove authority down their throat. These are unconventional, inventive free spirits who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd or appear weird. Their independence is sacred.


Albert Einstein was a Pisces reputed to be an INTP and if he is any indication, Pisces INTPs can be pretty ingenious. These INTPs may often appear lost in their thoughts which happens to be typical Pisces behavior. Their intuitions may border on clairvoyant. Their moods may be subject to frequent changes although they try to maintain a placid exterior. They frequently retreat to their inner world where they are most comfortable. They may be prone to excessive daydreaming and escapism and also drug and alchohol use.

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