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Fixed earth and mutable air is not a match with obvious chemistry. These folks are of very different ilk. Taurus being a sensual, materialistic, and persistent sign and Gemini being a cerebral capricious and scattered brained sign. Though it is not impossible for these two types to find romance together, it is unlikely. Taurus however will likely be charmed and seduced by the typically silver-tongued Gemini who can seduce almost anyone with their charismatic wit and humor. Taurus loves to have fun and good times are to be had whenever the entertaining Gemini is on duty. Gemini makes for a quirky and amusing companion with whom there is never a dull moment. Taurus however, may tire of Gemini’s histrionic and fickle nature. Taurus favors stability and building roots for the long term but Gemini is apt to change plans on a whim, following whatever direction the wind takes them. Taurus is not as capricious or flexible and tends to be reluctant in accommodating any sudden upheavals in their plans. Taurus’ obstinance may be too restrictive for Gemini, holding them back and putting a damper on their sporadic impulses.

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