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How Each Myers-Briggs Type Behaves When Upset

The MBTI Types When They are Upset

Everyone gets down in the dumps from time to time, but coping mechanisms may differ from person to person. Here is a look at how each MBTI personality type may deal with their emotional distress.



When INFJs are upset, they get emotional and moody and may become overly critical and snippy. INFJs can often become upset due to their propensity for soaking up and internalizing the emotions of those around them both positive and negative. Other people’s bad vibes and emotional baggage can easily infect and poison the INFJ’s psychological well. INFJs are often willing to hear about other people’s problems but try not to inconvenience them with theirs. They may sulk and wallow a bit in self pity perhaps with some sad music or seek reassurance and affection from loved ones.


When upset, INFPs emotional distress is likely to disrupt their sleep and eating habits. They can become very touchy and avoidant of anything that brings them discomfort. Emotional outbursts are likely and they may become defiant and uncooperative. When something is really bothering them, INFPs will lose enthusiasm and withdraw from others. Although they would desire someone to understand them and offer support, the INFP may generally keep what’s bugging them under wraps and try to distract themselves by busying themselves with some project.


When upset, ENFJs can be very hard on themselves and often feel somehow responsible for what goes wrong. They become inflexible and increasingly critical towards others as well and become uncharacteristically harsh. Some space and time away from people is generally what they need although they may not do themselves such a favor. Because of their nature, they are inclined to try and hang tough and convince themselves that everything is okay and that they have the power to get through just fine. Only their closest friends and confidantes will ever get to know the inner struggles that lay beneath the ENFJ’s sunny disposition.

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When upset or saddened, ENFP may continue to be present and engaging but mentally they will be noticeably distant and disengaged. They become more distracted but may go out of their way to make it seem like everything is okay to avoid detection. They may convey emotions only through their eyes but in their lives will show signs of forgetfulness, negligence, and worry. They can become obsessive and picky and prone to bouts of depression. They may also get confrontational in response to criticism and may unleash the ENFP bitch slap in a state of self-righteous indignation.

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