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article INTJ Myers Briggs Relationships

INTJ Relationships (With Each Myers Briggs Type)

INTJ ESFP Compatibility

The ESFP and INTJ relationship is bound to be very challenging because they have all the same functions but in reversed order. What the INTJ prefers most is what the ESFP prefers least. ESFPs are high maintenance and the INTJ is not likely to be able or willing to ride the rollercoaster that the ESFP is coaxing them to hop on. There are however, a number of things these two can learn from one another. ESFPs can help the INTJ develop their Extraverted sensing and learn to slow down and smell the roses. Being so abstract and  future-oriented, there is a lot of beautiful things about living that the INTJ likely misses out on.

The problem is, some ESFPs, perhaps unhealthy ones, are overly hedonistic and their lifestyle may exhibit a lack of moderation and self-restraint and getting into a relationship with them will be a nightmare for the typical INTJ. INTJs may be able to impart some structure and discipline in the ESFP’s life but they may not be able to find common ground on an intellectual level. ESFP people are generally not into theories and abstract concepts because they only value what is tangible to them. They want sensation and feeling and attention, lots of attention.

INTJ ESFP Relationship Problems

INTJ and ESFP are from two different planets and even if the love is there, it can take a lot of effort to find a strong understanding for each and establish a healthy balance in the relationship. Their sensing/intuition dichotomy as well as their introverted/extraverted dynamic may serve as significant obstacles to their compatibility. ESFPs may have difficulty understanding the INTJs need for privacy and solitude and they may perceive them as selfish and boorish. INTJ may tire of the ESFP’s unpredictable and sometimes irresponsible lifestyle.

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      Honestly, being an INTJ is just sad. Especially if you fall “in love” with an ENFP. Because ENFPs are amazing and cuddly. But sometimes they just disappear without telling you and you don’t know what you did wrong(when really you didn’t do anything wrong). They just need to be social.

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