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Thoughts On Trump From Each Myers Briggs Type

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1. “Trump does not know what he is talking about, but somehow ends up being kinda right most of the time, and would likely have Pence do most of the work anyway. Trump wants to openly do things that are bad, but Congress won’t let him. Hillary semi-openly wants to do things that are very bad, and Congress would cooperate on most of it. So in the end Trump is the lesser of two evils.”

2.”I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m not a Hillary supporter. I think both would be bad as president. But I believe Trump would be far less of a disaster. The problem is, I see both of them as progressives. Both will grow government and expand taxation. The only difference will be where they want the money they steal from the citizenry to go. Hillary will expand government with social services and entitlement programs (which we can’t afford). Trump will expand the military and homeland security (which we can’t afford). Both will seek to expand presidential powers beyond the scope of the Constitution. I don’t believe Trump is a racist, nor do I believe him to be a misogynist. I do believe he is an overgrown frat boy. I do believe Hillary should be indicted under the Rico Act for what her and Bill have done with their foundation (Wikileaks has revealed some very unsavory things). I also believe she should be indicted for her mishandling of classified material. Had I done what she did, I would be in prison and many other Americans would be as well had they done it. But it looks like if your last name is Clinton, laws are not applicable to them. I will end it with this: I’m voting for Gary Johnson. The only 3rd party candidate on all ballots in the 50 states. He’s also the only candidate on every state ballot that isn’t under investigation by the FBI.”

3.”Trump is a narcissist and is not suitable for being in a position of responsibility. I’m sure that as president his main concerns would be changing any laws he could in ways that would make himself richer and attacking anyone he’s angry with in the moment.”


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