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10 Odd Things Donald Trump Has Said and Done

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Whether you are for him or against him, most would agree that Donald Trump is an unusual character with the traits of a good entrepreneur. His unconventional and polarizing rhetoric has earned him popularity but also a reputation wrought with controversy and political incorrectness. He says and does a lot of risky things but as we often see, it tends to work in his favor.

10. He Insisted It’s an Advantage Being A Black Man

In an interview from 1989, Trump has stated that he believed a well educated black man actually has an edge in the job market today. He tells the interviewer “I’ve said on occasion, even about myself, if I were starting off today I would love to be a well-educated black because I really believe they do have an actual advantage today.”

Trump’s remark was likely in reference to affirmative action laws that many would argue forces businesses to seek diversity for diversity’s sake rather than the strength of merit alone. Actor and director Spike Lee later slammed Trump’s comments as “garbage” and “craziness.”

9. He likes to comment on his daughter’s anatomy.

In 1994, Donald and his then wife Marla Maples appeared on an episode of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”. When host Robin Leach, asked about the qualities Trump’s newborn daughter Tiffany shared with her parents, Trump responded saying “She’s a very beautiful baby, she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not *puts hands on his chest to indicate breasts* she’s got this part yet, but time will tell.”

Trump has caught more attention for his off-color commentary about daughter Ivanka in another TV appearance. When asked whether his daughter would ever consider posing for Playboy magazine, he infamously replied, “I don’t think Ivanka would do that inside the magazine, although she does have a very nice figure. I’ve said that if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps, I would be dating her.”


8. He’s a Germaphobe


No, he’s not scared of Germans (presumably). But he does apparently have an abiding fear of getting his hands dirty. In his 1997 book, “The Art of the Comeback,” he wrote that shaking hands is “one of the curses of American society. … I happen to be a clean hands freak. I feel much better after I thoroughly wash my hands, which I do as much as possible.”

His aversion to germs might explain why he doesn’t own any known pets. He could be the first POTUS in 150 years not to have one in the White House.

7. He sends Pictures of his Hands to people.


Many would recall the low brow, school-yard insults that were exchanged between Trump and other incumbents at the RNC debates. Marco Rubio’s remarks about Trump’s hand size in particular seemed to have struck a nerve with the Donald. Defending the magnitude of his meathooks is not new to Trump however. Apparently he has been trying to convince an editor at Vanity Fair of his hand girth for the last 25 years.

Graydon Carter is a journalist who claimed that after writing an article in which he called Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian,” began receiving envelopes in the mail containing photos of Trump with his hands circled in gold sharpie. Also written in gold Sharpie: ‘See, not so short!’ Carter called it “a valiant effort to highlight the length of his fingers.”

6. Trump Views Excercise As A Waste of Energy


It might surprise you to know that Trump in his hayday was actually quite athletic. At some point however, Trump apparently decided that athletics and exercise were not a worthwhile use of his time.

In a book titled “Trump Revealed”, Washington Post writers Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher claimed that Trump thought exercise permanently sapped him of energy. “Trump believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted. So he didn’t work out”. Trump reportedly even told a colleague training for an Iron man Triathalon “You are going to die young because of this.”

5. He’s A Bit Hypocritical About Alcohol.

Donald Trump has publicly stated that he doesn’t drink, smoke or do drugs and has even put out a message to kids enjoining them to do the same. In interviews he has disclosed that his late brother’s struggle with alcohol heavily influenced his reluctance to use drugs.

This however, didn’t stop him from trying to profit from those who do. In 2006, Trump launched his own brand of spirit called Trump Vodka with the tagline “success distilled”. His foray into the alcohol industry was not a success though, and the line was discontinued in 2011.  Trump has admitted to the irony of his involvement in the alcohol business telling an interviewer in 2005 “I sort of hated doing it,” and proposed he would “…donate any and all money that I make from alcoholic beverages to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) [sic]”.


4. He Seems to Function on Very Little Sleep

via thedailybeast

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has made sport of his political competitors with comical insults that often framed them in a pitiable light. Trump would also brag what little sleep he needed (anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours according to him) and regularly made a point of comparing his energetic pep and activity levels with that of the other presidential hopefuls. On the campaign trail he once said to a crowd in Illinois, “You know, I’m not a big sleeper. I like three hours, four hours, I toss, I turn, I beep-de-beep, I want to find out what’s going on.”

If what he is claiming is true, it may be he is of a rare breed of individuals who possess the “efficient sleeper” gene. People who carry it seem to function perfectly on very little sleep without detriment to their health. This may be one of the common character traits of successful entrepreneurs.

3. He’s Repulsed By Bodily Functions

During a 2011 deposition, Trump reportedly called a lawyer “disgusting” after she began milking herself in the courtroom (using a breast pump). According to her, Trump immediately lost his bearing, “He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed, ‘You’re disgusting, you’re disgusting,’ and he ran out of there.”

Trump’s lactation-intolerance was just a glimpse of his apparently greater distaste for bodily discharge. He called Hillary Clinton’s use of the bathroom “disgusting”, Chris Cristie’s eating habits “disgusting”, Marco Rubio’s fop sweat “disgusting”. At home, he and his wife Melania use separate but equal bathrooms.


2. He Doesn’t Feel His Town’s Big Enough for Two Trumps

via hollywoodreporter

There is little dispute as to the importance of the “Trump” name in the Donald’s business which is largely built on branding. Especially since Trump has earned much of his money through licensing.

So in 1984 when two South African developers named Eddie and Jules Trump began purchasing real estate around NYC as The Trump Group, Donald saw this as an infringement that could not be allowed to stand. He sought legal action against them but lost the case. He did however succeed in having their trademark revoked in 1988.

That same year, Trump tried to bring down the legal hammer once again on a different company, who in this case was selling business cards dubbed “Trump Cards”. The two parties eventually struck a deal they were happy with. In exchange for royalties and the rights to the trademark, the company could continue selling the cards and Trump agreed to endorse them.


1. Trump Believes Asbestos Would Have Saved The Twin Towers


Since the 1970s, the use of asbestos and asbestos-containing products has been carefully regulated due to it’s carcinogenic health risks. It was once added to flame-retardant sprays used to insulate steel building materials.  Alternative flame-proofing materials are available but in Trump’s opinion,
asbestos is “the greatest fire-proofing material ever used.”

In 2012 he tweeted, “If we didn’t remove incredibly powerful fire retardant asbestos & replace it with junk that doesn’t work, the World Trade Center would never have burned down.” He has even gone so far as claiming that the hysteria over asbestos has been propaganda generated by the mafia, stating that it was often mob-related companies that would handle the asbestos removal.


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  • article Myers Briggs

    Thoughts On Trump From Each Myers Briggs Type

    Published by:


    1. “Trump does not know what he is talking about, but somehow ends up being kinda right most of the time, and would likely have Pence do most of the work anyway. Trump wants to openly do things that are bad, but Congress won’t let him. Hillary semi-openly wants to do things that are very bad, and Congress would cooperate on most of it. So in the end Trump is the lesser of two evils.”

    2.”I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m not a Hillary supporter. I think both would be bad as president. But I believe Trump would be far less of a disaster. The problem is, I see both of them as progressives. Both will grow government and expand taxation. The only difference will be where they want the money they steal from the citizenry to go. Hillary will expand government with social services and entitlement programs (which we can’t afford). Trump will expand the military and homeland security (which we can’t afford). Both will seek to expand presidential powers beyond the scope of the Constitution. I don’t believe Trump is a racist, nor do I believe him to be a misogynist. I do believe he is an overgrown frat boy. I do believe Hillary should be indicted under the Rico Act for what her and Bill have done with their foundation (Wikileaks has revealed some very unsavory things). I also believe she should be indicted for her mishandling of classified material. Had I done what she did, I would be in prison and many other Americans would be as well had they done it. But it looks like if your last name is Clinton, laws are not applicable to them. I will end it with this: I’m voting for Gary Johnson. The only 3rd party candidate on all ballots in the 50 states. He’s also the only candidate on every state ballot that isn’t under investigation by the FBI.”

    3.”Trump is a narcissist and is not suitable for being in a position of responsibility. I’m sure that as president his main concerns would be changing any laws he could in ways that would make himself richer and attacking anyone he’s angry with in the moment.”


    1.”He’s the lesser of two evils.”

    2.”He is spontaneous and idiotic. He does not understand how government works at any level and would be a disaster for foreign policy. Even if you put aside all of the hateful rhetoric he spouts I do not see how anyone can honestly believe that putting someone who knows so little in charge of the nation. His history of failed business ventures ruins the only possible appeal I could see in him, that being an understanding of economics, but he doesn’t have that. All he has is showmanship.”

    3.”Trump is the first real social media candidate. He’s using the same principle people on Facebook use — short, attention-grabbing sound bites that are outrageous as possible. When Trump says all Mexicans are rapists, and the media goes apeshit about this, he has won. This has been his appeal from the very beginning.”

    4.”I’m more concerned about the extremist faction of Trump’s supporters who actually believe him when he says the election is rigged and that he won’t accept the result if he loses. It’s bullshit. Trump isn’t interested in the presidency as much as he’s interested in the prestige that comes with holding the office. When he has lost on November 8th, he’s going to slowly abandon politics, probably trying to capitalize on the extremist wing of his ‘movement’ and sell them all sorts of conspiracies, similar to Alex Jones.”

    4.” he’s a complete and utter idiot with a huge ego, too little education, and no intellect. His popularity is due to having that in common with many Americans, so I think he’s really a symptom of a much greater problem here in America.. I can’t imagine myself staying here throughout all of college.”

    5.”Trump is actually looking to try and fix problems for America. He is not my ideal president as he is too brash and says some stupid things. I think his intuition is right and his vision and leadership can take us in the right direction. Previous elections I voted for Gary Johnson and Ron Paul but I am happy to vote for Trump this time. I am more energized politicially than I have been in 5 years or so.”

    6.”I believe Trump does not fully think through decisions.”

    7.”I have concerns about him being an authoritarian. He has outright admitted to finding people like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un to be admirable leaders (both of whom are despicable people and atrocious leaders.) On top of that he grew up believing he could get whatever he wanted by throwing tantrums, which is dangerous as fuck. I don’t believe he could override Congress but the thought of someone even trying is disconcerting. So basically, I don’t want him to win. I refuse to vote for Hilary either though because I do not believe in a lesser of two evils. I was going to vote for Gary Johnson but his recent blunders regarding his knowledge of foreign affairs have knocked him down a few pegs for me as well.”


    1.”I think Trump can largely be explained by cognitive dissonance theory. He’s a guy who’s got a view of himself that he wants to maintain, and he’s going to reject any source of evidence that appears contrary to that view. That is, until the source provides different, more appealing info; then suddenly it’s a winner. I think most people work a little bit like this–granting desires governance over perceptions–but Trump seems such an extreme case.”

    2.”I don’t have a set-in-stone opinion of Trump because I’ve never met him. I just have this feeling that he’s trolling everyone, because someone who’s been that successful in life can’t possibly be a complete moron.”

    3.”I think that Trump is very unique and quite the personality. I’m used to the idea that there are vastly different types of people in this world, and I’m pretty accepting of it. That doesn’t describe all ENTPs, though, since I’ve been on the ENTP forum and some of the guys over there have wondered how on Earth anyone could like Trump and aren’t open to finding him likable on any level. As for me, there are things that I like about him, things that I don’t like about him, and things about him that I’m neutral on but nonetheless find very interesting.”

    4.”Latino ENTP – I don’t really care, I mean whats the worst he can do, deport me? ;)”

    5.”I, frankly, don’t care much about what his policies are. He is not a politician and he does not have the knowledge needed to run a country, he doesn’t understand how things work like Hilary (or frankly anyone else) does. I don’t like Hilary, but I’d rather be working under someone I disagree with who knows what they’re doing than someone who doesn’t even know what they are doing.”


    1.”The outcome of the election doesn’t matter at this point, we are still f****d from both ends.”

    2.”It’s a very interesting phenomena. That’s kind of the point where you stop believing that a politician doesn’t have to be a saint, but at least a comparably decent human being…. he’s an extraordinary, unusual strategist.”

    3.”I think that it’s hard to place him on a political spectrum. For example, in terms of law and order he’s very authoritarian, but not in the traditional conservative manner. He’s not religiously inclined. His ideas on immigration and dealing with terrorism is bordering on far right, and yet him and Rand Paul have been the only two candidates of this election that I can recall as having stated that they would approach Vladimir Putin diplomatically, while most other candidates have sought a more aggressive approach in handling a man who has been unchecked and grown into a potential adversary. Economically he has many positions on both sides of the fence. For example, he wants to decrease spending in several areas and taxation on both the citizens and business. However, he also seeks interventionist policies in terms of importing foreign made goods, such as tariffs. He wants to implement term limits on Congress, and cut back on special interest groups appealing to the government. As a candidate, you can clearly see how some of his polarizing stances have alienated many independents, as well as his lack of a filter, something which won him his early success and eventual nomination. He isn’t a politician, and while many are excited due to the current state of politics, many more are afraid of the uncertainty that upsetting the status quo brings.”

    4.”I don’t believe a single politician is good, honest or can be any of those even if he/she wanted to. So, the same goes for your little orange guy. No matter which one you “choose” it’s gonna end up more or less the same.”

    5.”He is much less intelligent than many politicians, is unable to take criticism or feedback, has no issues making up facts, and is ignorant about both history and current events. Definitely not going to be voting for him.”

    6.”Contagious courage to stand up to the bullshit. Stefan Molyneux has more courage. But Trump is definitely out there. Imagine all the bluepills seeing him not faltering at the shit hurling onslaught of the matrix. That’s right you idiots. He ain’t taking your shit.”

    7.”He’s a big orange con man and America should be ashamed his finger is this close to the nuclear button.”

    His candidacy is just a brick through the window of the established political system, a mob shouting “FUCK YOU” to Washington. I can understand the desire for that, but it’s incredibly short-sighted. I think that American politics needs that sort of slap to let the system know how the citizens feel, but people are irrational with the person in question. They’re expressing their hatred of the current state of democracy, and in doing so they’re actively trying to give a person power who might as well be a textbook example of traits to watch for to identify dictators.”

    I’m not saying Clinton is a great choice. But as a member of the international community who can’t vote, I’m honestly scared for the impact that a Trump presidency would have on the world. The few policies he’s put forth have been analyzed and shown to be complete disasters for America, and if we leaned anything about 2008 it’s that an economic downturn in America ripples out to the rest of the world.

    America has been chained to a wall and told that the only way to get out is to cut off their leg, but the Trump voters have decided to show their captors who’s boss by slitting their own throat instead. Not the smartest choice.”

    8.”America needs Trump. Our politicians broke America and we dumbfoundly rely on them to fix what they broke. No thanks. I’ll take a man who is innocent of all the corruption that is coming from Washington D.C. who has a track record of building empires in business to handle America.

    Leadership is something that we seriously lack in America. I don’t see leadership in the Obama’s, I don’t see leadership in the Clinton’s I see leadership with Trump.”

    9.”I think it’s hilarious regarding how many haters vocalize claiming he’s dumb, racist, bad at business, etc. HE’S A FKN BILLIONAIRE. SHUT UP AND LISTEN, EMULATE LEARN.”

    10.”He should stick to business. Whenever I hear him speak all I can think of is the old maxim “Everything looks easy to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing”. I’m not thrilled with our choices but he has no dignity or honor whatsoever and he is better suited looking after his own mere interests than anyone elses, much less a nation. The other one, while not great, is a bone fide public servant. There is no ‘Well they are both equally bad’ here. He is much, much worse.”



    1.”Trump is who I’ll vote for (even though in my state it wont matter). I believe him to be the lesser of two of evils.”

    2.”He brings out the absolute worst in people; the issue is that his supporters have been here the entire time, and now that Trump has given them the “ok” to speak freely, everyone thinks it’s ok to think and say the horrible things that he has been.”

    3.”Absolutely horrific. Literal human garbage, and the fact that people actually want to vote for him inspires both disgust and sympathy, because it speaks to how pathetically ignorant and deluded people in this country are, but also to how corrupt and damaging the oligarchy we live in has become.”

    4.”He’s stoopid”.

    5.”I’m usually pretty conservative, but that man is…something else.”


    1.”Trump is everything the last 16-ish years have been building up to. Well the negative parts anyway. He is the narcissism, sensationalist, fear induced amalgamation of everything wrong with America. But to be honest we should have seen this coming. I will say while I don’t agree with his opinions, they are better than his personality. The media has been against him, I will admit, but not as much as he’d say they are.”

    2.”I think he represents radical reform to a lot of people. Without touching on his policies, I think people want to see him tear things down from the inside out. Whether he’ll actually be able to do that is another matter. He’s not an idiot but I think he drank his own Kool Aid a long time ago, and we won’t see him demonstrate any of the habits that made him successful previously.”

    TL;DR: He’s a wild charactature who people are looking to because he represents something new and different.”

    3.”I think he’s a great break from the political system we’re used to. As an actual President? I don’t think he’ll be the best president, but I’d rather have him than Clinton.”

    4.”I voted enthusiastically for him for reasons that I could probably only explain with a comment that would be waaaay too long, and those reasons are generally hated by reddit.”

    5.”He’s an idiot without values.”


    1.”I believe Trump genuinely wants to better America and knows how to do so on a large scale. HOWEVER, he is extremely spontaneous and needs to tone it down a bit. He needs to spend a bit more time thinking through his decisions and actions before speaking/acting/deciding. I like his confidence, but he is very… rude.”

    2.”Will I vote for him? No. Will I vote for Hillary? No.”

    3.”I support Trump. I like that he doesn’t lie to us. He lets us know what he has problems with and he explains how he wants to fix those problems. He says it in an aggressive way that is easy to misinterpret as racist/hateful. Clinton will tell us that Trump is Islamophobic for saying we need to monitor Muslims coming into the country, but then she claims we will also need to monitor Muslims coming into the country, just in a Non-Islamophobic way. Clinton creates her points based on what will get her votes, Trump creates his points based on what he believes. I can trust Trump.”

    4.”Love him. Especially his attitude.”

    5.”Nope, nope and nope! I am also Canadian though.”

    6.”I strongly dislike him. He is a liar just like any other politician. Nothing about him says otherwise in my opinion.”


    1.”i’m just hoping he loses and fades into obscurity”.



    1.”I’m concerned by his narcissism (as others said), as manifested by lack of empathy, difficulty taking criticism, and trouble paying attention if he’s not the center of attention. I can’t really see him poring over policy briefings, listening to his advisors’ arguments, weighing a difficult decision for many days, etc.”

    2.”I think he’s a narcissistic megalomaniac who would blow the world back to the 20th century if he were elected.”

    3.”Would vote for him in a heartbeat vs. Hit-lary.”

    4.”All I can say is… America’s fucked.”



    1.”He’s too authoritarian, has too big of an ego that he can’t keep in check, is too much of a drama queen, can’t handle losing, is too ignorant on a lot of topics and perfectly willing to stay that way etc. etc.”

    2.”I think he’s unfit to be a president, but nevertheless I view him as a necessary and inevitable counterbalance. He’s a necessary counter balance to the corruption, he’s a necessary counter balance to the PC culture and he’s a necessary counter balance to globalism being pushed by corporations without the consent of the population. I actually think he’s potentially a good candidate for taking on corruption. He has too big of an ego to take being worked around and nullified sitting down, he will try to leverage the masses, essentially manipulate them to fight his fight for him, and mass manipulation also seems to be something he’s very good at so he has the tools for the job.”

    3.”Pompous, annoying, potentially dangerous, but likely will grow bored and let Pence do stuff. I prefer Trump over Hillary.”

    4.”Coolest guy on the fucking planet. If that man was my friend, I would never go sad. I refrain from commenting politically though :)”.

    5.”My opinion of Trump is that he is not what he seems to be. I think the person that you see presented in debates, on the media, … etc is not the real Trump. The person presented here would be unable to have had even his small amount of success in business . Quite frankly I think he is manipulating his followers by telling them what they want to hear. And by his followers I mean those that are not simply voting for him as the lesser of two evils. What will he actually do if he gets into office ? I’m not entirely sure I haven’t seen enough of the actual person to determine that. However, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. Unfortunately I don’t trust his main competition as far as I can throw her either. However, there are better questions than what is your opinion of Trump to ask. Including the more interesting question which is why was his campaign so successful ? The answer to that question is telling in terms of predicting the future of the United States. I will say this much today’s political environment reminds me very much of the political environment surrounding one of the more turbulent periods in US history the civil war when the south attempted to break away from the north. Some of the people I met years ago insisted that if things didn’t change were headed for a civil war again. At the time I though it was unlikely now I am not so sure.”

    6.”I think this is a man in his mid life crisis. He’s rich, well known, has influence anything he could possible want. He still feels empty. All those glory days of his youth are just memories; Nothing fills him up with passion anymore. He starts taking politics seriously. Those thoughts grow stronger until he finally says fuck it and he tries his hand at the presidency. This excites him. He has an audience. Honestly I kinda feel bad for him in a way.”


    1.”I like him. He’s as libertarian as you can get in politics at the moment. Which is why the Democratic Party isn’t to fond of him as a candidate. Just looking at some of the comments in this thread can reveal a lot about people’s perceptions about him, although I think I can debunk most of them. (I’ll just tag the /u/ too so the original posters get to read my comment, not trying to call out anyone).”

    2.”I can’t comment on his politics since the media has been too busy circle jerking on his rhetoric and painting him as the ‘villain’ rather than actual politics. What I like about him is how his anti-political correctness is sparking a lot of debates and will probably serve as a lesson for the next election. Who knows, maybe people will focus on actual politics the next time around.”

    3.”His self-congratulary and egotistical speeches about how great he is is his way of trying to get others to view him in that way. He is effectively masturbating over himself in front of everyone when he does his presidential speeches. I fail to see how this isn’t him looking to be liked. He’s of the mentality that if he says “I am the greatest” repeatedly and with enough confidence then others will believe it. It’s the manipulation of a narcissist.”


    1.”I don’t want to start a fight, nor do I have any expectation as to what the other responses here shall be. I think he’s the embodiment of every flaw in American society packed into a cheeto.”



    1.”Trump is a narcissist. I find it interesting to see the traits manifest. I find abnormal psychology fascinating and he is almost textbook NPD. As for being fit for office..No. I think empathy is a valuable part of being a president and he shows a complete lack of it. His policy stances I find completely opposite to my values. So no. I don’t want him as president.”


    1.”He sucks.”

    2.”He’s entertaining. Him winning the election is a fun possibility.”

    3.”Narcissistic, duh. He’s also a bit of a man-child, has no cool head whatsoever. Not really made to be a politician if you look at him from that angle.”

    4.”He’s a good businessman, and that has shown in the election. His merchandising, use of rhetoric, and his use of social media has REALLY helped him get his message across. I don’t think he is racist as much as he know what sells, and racism is selling like hot cakes right now. However, that doesn’t mean he is a good person. However, I do think that he is sexist, at least more so than the average population.”

    5.”I’m not voting for the guy. The only reason I’m voting for Johnson is because I want the Libertarians to get 5% of the vote and get that 20$M in federal funding so they can break the ice of the two-party duopoly and moderate the Democrats and Republicans, which I think how the two parties have set up an echo chamber to radicalize themselves more and more is the main reason why we are in this election in the first place.”

    4.”love him, he will save western civilization, any questions?”

    5.”He is not worth the protein his body is made of. A worthless, narcissistic, rash, risky, parasitic, molesting, bullying freak. When he dies, I might buy a plane ticket just so I can piss on his grave.”


    1.”Trump is very closed minded. Narcissitic. Racist. People think he’s funny? Hell no. In fact, he seems like the type of person who will start World War 3. Since he hates Muslims like no tomorrow. He is a good example of an unhealthy ESTP. ESTPs are awesome. But this man….is more than unhealthy.”


    1.”I support his policies, he isn’t racist. He is also funny.”


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  • article Astrology Famous Profiles Natal Chart

    Donald Trump Astrology Chart

    Published by:

    donald trump astroligion

    As the 2016 presidential race heated up, the media machines went into full swing, churning out a steady feed of the usual political drama and controversy that accompanies election campaigns. Among the field of incumbents however, one stands out. He eclipses the other candidates with bombastic swagger and an unorthodox, unpolitician-like mien.

    He is Donald J. Trump. Real Estate mogul, reality star, outspoken Gemini and now, potentially — President. Exactly what that would mean for America is not so clear but as the prospect of a Trump presidency grows, it is only fitting that we conduct an astrological background check and investigate the cosmic forces behind the Trump persona.

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