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You boldly declare your independence against any who would try and shove oppressive authority down your throat. You are a free spirit with strong opinions and views. You know your mind and you speak it openly though some may not take kindly to it. Still, many admire the chutzpah and brazen defiance in your temperament and the originality of your perspective.  Your insight often opens people up to ideas they’ve not considered and your ideas often involve the betterment of others. You may have a lot friends and enjoy networking with people and groups. Your sense of self is tied to your associations and friendships and the image you present socially. Furthermore, you are socially aware and interested in humanitarian concerns and you enjoy helping people whenever you can. You are a valuable and amusing friend who may have a penchant for mischief and skull-duggery now and then. You are not necessarily a misfit but may get a kick out of pranks and other hijinks.

Uranus is associated with technology and breakthrough. This suggests you may have some tech savvy and innovativeness in you. Although you may have an interest in people, you are not a follower of the herd. You have a solipsistic spirit and a distinctive and unusual manner that distinguishes you from most people. You may become fixated with subjects that others find strange but that is because your thinking is on a wavelength different than most people.

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