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Moon Conjunct Jupiter


The capacity for empathy and compassion is large and may extend to an interest in humanitarianism. A greater sense of the big picture in regards to humanity may fuel an interest in activism and social issues. An open minded and generous nature is implied by this aspect as well as a philosophical bend to the personality. The perspective is too large to harbor narrow minded views and stereotypical attitudes towards others. There is an awareness and focus on the unifying and shared characteristics that galvanize and strengthen the bond between people. Suffering in all living creatures is appalling and intolerable to you. You want to alleviate some of the world’s ills and expand the commonwealth of the prosperity and well being of mankind.

Sensitivity and receptivity is enhanced making it easy to pick up on what others think and feel. The heart is big and magnanimous encompassing deep feeling with emotional maturity. There is probably a good sense of humor and a jovial temperament that adds levity wherever you are present. Your moral compass is strong and many of the decisions made utilize the heart than the head.

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