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Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Logical Precision

The intellect is organized and calculating with this aspect. Saturn restricts and inhibits but applies discipline and structure to mercury’s scattered cerebral nature. There is more focus with an added ability to stick with something long enough to develop mastery of it. A methodical approach is taken to complete most tasks and considerable attention is payed to details and specifics. Regularity and predictable schedules are favored and preferred to spontaneity and lack of planning. Routines and regimens are comfortable and allow for steady progress and productivity but deviating from them every now and then is required to avoid stagnation. The mind is sharp and astute, and adept at analysis. The individual may be a studious and meticulous learner. Academic performance is likely strong and the individual may have perfectionist tendencies placing high standards on themselves. A lack of interest in superficial matters may engender a disdain of self indulgent socialites who are busy scoring popularity points. The thinking style may be directed towards useful and pragmatic concerns and intellectual material. Communication skills are probably strong but maybe terse and concise. There is an ease with words, perhaps a glibness that comes across as robotic and phlegmatic. There may be an interest in systems either abstract or concrete that may lend itself to abilities in engineering, mathematics or computer science. You are able to use a systematic approach to problem solving and can construct elaborate schemes for practical purposes.

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