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Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

Open Minded

A jovial and light hearted outlook allows you perceive with an open and unbiased mind. There is little interest in petty nugatory details that are of minor consequence. You focus on the bigger picture, viewing life through a telescopic lens rather than a microscopic one. Amenable and friendly, you enjoy engaging in stimulating discussions on substantial topics. There may be a philosophical bend to you and a desire to seek understanding of a higher order. An intellectual hunger drives you to become a source of authority in a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Your love of learning allows you to excel as a teacher and perhaps become a bellwether in the academic world. Your mind is sharp and mercurial, always looking for new and interesting things to explore. You may be interested in solving the big problems ailing the world such as poverty and global warming. Or you may apply your big thinking towards personal ambitions like get rich quick schemes or fame and notoriety. Either way, you have a formidable mind that can be used for both good or evil depending on the other aspects in the chart. Nevertheless, your desire for expansion and mental growth may lead you to travel and experience many things, discovering as much as possible. The sky’s the limit as far as you’re concerned because there’s so much to see and do. You know it’s probably impossible to do everything you want to but it’s still worth a try!

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