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Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Intrepid Explorer

Petty details are for other people, your sights are set on the larger picture. You go after the big fish, the grand scheme. Stagnation is not in your vocabulary, growth and expansion are the languages you speak. You want what you want and you go after it undaunted by the scale of the task or the size of the goal. Bold vision encourages you to strike out and seize the day forging your own path, setting new precedents like an intrepid pioneer. Other people admire your courage and tenacity, some would follow you if you asked them to. Variety is the spice of life and you want to be well seasoned and well rounded like Italian meatballs. You are driven and motivated, always seeking new ground to explore and higher mountains to scale.

You need challenges and plenty of them. Life is short and you want to see and experience as much as possible. Accomplishment is important, and the prestige of being first is appealing to your competitive nature. Always ready for action you stay on the look out for new opportunities for advancement. We are all pilgrims on this journey called life and yours is a trek of discovery. For you, the good life is the life worth remembering.

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