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Grandiose designs are at odds with reality. Unrealistic desires and expectations fail to materialize due to a failure in recognizing the challenges involved and there is a lack of temperance in regards to escapism. The perceptions are highly subjective and often out of touch with the truth. A cloud of idealism and false conceptions obscure judgement and lead to self defeat. Blind optimism and quixotic naivete may prevent the individual from perceiving potential danger setting them up for disappointments and scams by predatory schemers. The rosy picture painted in the mind’s eye is often convoluted or too impractical to be actualized due to a lack of pragmatic imagination.

Self deception is a problem as well as a tendency to lie or exaggerate the truth. The individual often may not realize they are being dishonest once they’ve convinced themselves they aren’t. Inconvenient truths are flouted so that the idyllic vision is not encumbered. It may be that there is a need to scale down the scope of focus or develop the necessary pragmatism that will allow ambitious machinations and designs to succeed. In other words, the delusional tendencies need to be tempered through the development of discipline and a realistic perspective.

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