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Difficulty in honoring contracts and obligations create unnecessary problems and drama. A fear of commitment and fickle nature makes the individual unreliable in long term relationships be it romantic or otherwise. There is a preference for keeping options open, not being tied down to anything satisfies the individuals need for freedom. Marriage is suffocating, relationships are responsibilities and a nuisance that requires work. Companionship is valued but not at the expense of personal sovereignty.

Sometimes managing romantic relationships gets too hard and space is needed. Or the individual gets bored and resorts to infidelity, sometimes for the thrill of the challenge and risk of getting caught. Attempts at control by the partner will only drive the individual farther away and trigger rebellious outlash. Selfishness and wanton disregard for others needs may result in a string of broken relationships and severed ties. Bridges will likely be burned and a hard price will often be paid for reckless choices. Uranus’ coldness is at odds with Venus’ will to love. There may be a lack of general romanticism in this aspect. At it’s most extreme, it could be interpreted as the signature of a glib, sociopathic mindset where others are only as valuable as their usefulness to the individual.

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