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moon conjunct uranus

Rebel Heart

The inherent nature of the moon in astrology is nurturing, sentimental and emotional. It is the domain of the deep psyche behind the individual persona. Uranus on the other hand is cold, phlegmatic, independent and inventive. Under this aspect, the two very disparate energies of these planets work together rather than clash. The emotional receptivity and psychic intuition of the moon tempers some of Uranus’ harsh and sometimes callous tendencies. Individuals with this aspect in their natal chart may have slightly odd behavior and an unusual mien that allows them to stand out from other people. Inventive and unconventional, these types may experience sudden bursts of inspiration generating interesting ideas that may or may not be practical but often novel and original.

Moon in conjunction with Uranus may imbue a personality with a rebellious and contrarian nature. Deeply embedded feelings and ties to the past may either fuel or inhibit some of Uranus’ progressive impulses. People who have this aspect will likely vacillate between a prudent and cautious mode of existence and that of a more intrepid and experimental one. They are probably not particularly emotive or sappy, but may possess strong feeling for causes or beliefs in which they support. They are forward thinking and may hold an interest in humanitarian concerns and global issues. Their distaste for restriction and censorship compels them to seek freedom through self-reliance and self-sufficiency. These people possess abundant pride in themselves and their sense of self and identity. They are valuable friends who will stick up for and fight for their friends and loved ones and support them in their goals.

The Uranus Moon conjunction engenders a maverick with heart. They may have some loner qualities although they are able to be convivial and connect with others fairly well. They can be sometimes quirky and eccentric but this may be a drawing card for them. They desire to do their own thing and be their own person. They strive to carve a successful path for themselves and they have a broad enough mindset to avoid the pitfalls that beset and discourage others from achieving their goals. Moon conjunct Uranus people have a large view perspective and do not allow themselves to be bogged down with banal minutiae. They may have a pronounced ability to come up with fresh solutions to old problems and will likely find a way to leverage this in commercial and entrepreneurial ways.

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