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Moon Conjunct Saturn

Self Discipline

Emotional restraint engenders a stoic or stalwart demeanor that may appear cold to others. Emotions are subdued to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Your aloofness allows you to maintain a cool demeanor even in the midst of emotional chaos be it from others or within yourself. You prefer to deal with emotional turmoil privately in your own introspective way. You do not need much in the way of emotional support from others as you are fairly grounded and of a stable and rational temperament. In fact you prefer that others not interfere with your process and you pride yourself on your ability to handle stressful situations that may trigger meltdowns in other people.

Your opinions are well thought out and rational. You possess a realistic perspective on things and do not get carried away with whimsical or quixotic schemes that are impractical or impossible to carry out. Unless other aspects in the natal chart indicate otherwise, you may be lacking in imagination. Your attention and concern tends to be with structure and order. You have a respect and appreciation for traditions and customs and may be religious especially if you were raised in a pious household. There may be some repression and a reluctance to cut loose and engage in the sumptuous lifestyle enjoyed by more sensual types. You probably have noble values and admirable ethic that earns respect from others.

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