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Mars Conjunct Uranus


You refuse to be contained or cornered nor will you bow down to stodgy traditionalists or adhere to antiquated conventions. Mars facilitates and fuels your need for freedom from oppressive authority. You want to be true to who you are and to be authentic in all you do. You have a free spirit and need space to stretch your wings and seek your rightful place in the world. An enterprising nature compels you to initiate projects and explore possibilities. Freshness and ingenuity is what you crave, and your inventive mind is always generating a panoply of ideas waiting to be actualized.

You have the gumption and wherewithal to change things you deem unjust and to challenge the powers that be. A dislike for barriers and restrictive environments stirs your rebellious side to action and you are able to rally the support of others to your side. You can become the champion of a cause acting as a catalyst for reform or revolution be it through politics or the tech industry like Steve Jobs. This aspect denotes leadership qualities that allow you to gain respect and admiration from others. You may be overzealous and foolhardy at times, over stacking your plate, biting off more than you can chew. Nevertheless, your strength of conviction and passionate vision encourage you to take the risks that others find too dangerous. Yes, you have the courage to tread the path others dare not go but when it pays off, others will wish they had!

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