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June Birthdays 1 – 9


June 1 Birthday

You are intelligent, and charismatic with a youthful nature. You possess leadership qualities and ambitious vision with the confidence to actualize your goals. Independent and self-reliant, you have strength of character and excellent communication skills.  You have good taste and an eye for quality and may be an object of admiration for others. Use your diplomatic charm and avoid being too egotistical.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 2, Oct. 3, Feb. 14


June 2 Birthday

You are an ambassador of goodwill. You possess harmonious energy and can assuage discontent with your silver-tongued communication skills. You are intuitive and sensitive with a focus on relationships. Your empathetic nature allows you to easily pick up on what other people are feeling. You want to feel part of a group and enjoy teamwork.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 11, Feb.6, Mar. 4


June 3 Birthday

Witty and clever, you amuse others with your sparkling personality. You are very sociable and friendly with an upbeat attitude. You can be a braggart at times and your penchant for exaggeration may leave others to sift the truth from the lies. You have formidable verbal talents and creative abilities and you do not shy away from spot light.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 22, May 30, Jun. 28


June 4 Birthday

Your savvy charisma is underscored  by a disciplined work ethic. Structured and organized, you are methodical and efficient in your approach to work. You are more reliable than the typical Gemini and you have fine taste and an appreciation for beauty. You have a spiritual side and meditation helps you manage your stress. You are a bit of perfectionist, but don’t get bogged down with rigid procedures and enjoy yourself more.

Potential Soul mates: May 29, Feb. 5, Dec. 15


June 5 Birthday

You are intelligent with versatile talents. A playful, adventurous personality compels you to branch out and explore many interests. You dislike routines, and your active imagination spirits you away from reality into your inner world of fantasy and idealism. You are sensitive and compassionate and seem to benefit from good luck.

Potential Soul mates: May 10, Aug. 4, Jan. 18


June 6 Birthday

You are worldly a humanitarian and  domesticated home-lover. You enjoy the family life but yet you’re compelled to play an active role in your community involved with social issues. You are an idealist with a compassionate nature. You dislike violence and use your diplomacy to resolve contentions. You are outspoken with a lot to say and can express yourself with charm and eloquence.

Potential Soul mates: May 4, Sept. 13, Dec. 7


June 7 Birthday

You are mentally sharp. with a reserved and classy demeanor. You are thorough and meticulous and can excel in the academic world. You are a skilled communicator and can explain complicated things in clear and concise terms. You are voluble and can go at length when discussing the many topics that interest you. Fortunately, you are an interesting speaker and can keep your audience engaged throughout.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 10, Jun. 18, Feb. 26


June 8 Birthday

You have executive instincts and substantial drive. You can accomplish great things utilizing your keen intuitions and leadership abilities. Hardworking and ambitious, you have the ability to rise to the top in your career, and you possess good judgment. You can be strict and demanding but you are generally fair and accommodating. You may lack patience and often experience stress.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 3, May 7, Feb. 13


June 9 Birthday

Spiritual maturity and a magnetic aura characterize this birthday. You have high ideals and a love of art and beauty. While others petty fog about trivial matters, your focus is on the larger picture, forming connections that others miss. You are visionary, with an expansive and sapient mind. You are philosophical and wise with a talent for words. Your naive and trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceit and chicanery however,  and you may on occasion suffer from an inferiority complex.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 13, Jul. 21, Jan. 2

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