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January Personalities Birthdays 1 – 9

Capricorn (2nd Decanate – Taurus)

The energy of this day indicates a personality that is confident and strong-willed with an ambitious yet reserved nature. Your substantial work ethic and self-reliance allow you to achieve success in your career. You have talents for leadership with a keen sense of justice and good judgement.  While your family life is important to you,  your workaholic tendencies may not make you domestically inclined. However, you are loyal and devoted to your loved ones and make an excellent provider.

Love and relationships

People born on this day are attracted to resourceful people with strong personalities. They have a penchant for being a bit overbearing but can be very charming and goofy when they want to be. They are pragmatic and security conscious and not overly sentimental or mushy. They should try to show more affection to balance their sometimes stern demeanor.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 13, Mar. 9, Nov. 21, Feb. 11, May 5

Gary Johnson – INFJ Capricorn
J. D. Salinger – INFP Capricorn


You are receptive and socially adept. This birthday has an emphasis on partnerships both professional and romantic. Relationships are important to you and you work hard to maintain the harmony. You utilize tact and diplomacy to get what you need and can engender cooperation in others. You possess good taste with a sensitivity to form and beauty. You may have a tendency to over-sensitivity and depression.

Potential Soul mates: Mar. 13, Sept. 1, Jun. 7


You have warm and convivial manner that makes you popular. Creative and humorous, you amuse others with your dry wit. You are less reserved than other Capricorns,  with a more outgoing affable nature that allows you to engage in many different social circles. You can be vain and self-indulgent often thrill-seeking to alleviate boredom. Avoid laziness and develop more discipline and focus.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 10, Jun. 20, May 22


You are a corner stone of society. A hard working builder who is organized and dependable. You are highly skilled in your craft creating beauty in the world. You devote considerable energy into your career often at the expense of family life, but work hard to maintain balance because both are important to you. You love romance and put equal effort and passion into your relationships as you do your career.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 29, Nov. 21, Dec. 19


You are mentally  astute and witty. You possess creative talents and an appreciation for the finer things. You have a dislike of routines and authority figures and need space and variety in your life. Freedom to pursue your expansive interests is important and essential to your happiness. You are strong-willed  and hard working with a big picture perspective and progressive outlook. Curiosity compels you to venture out and take risks and fortunately, good luck often rewards your gallantry.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 24, Nov. 20, Aug. 26


Humanitarian and idealistic, you are an Capricorn with a progressive views. You dislike the violence and suffering you see in the world and you apply your workaholic Capricorn energy to noble causes. You may share an interest in geopolitics and social issues like environmentalism and animal cruelty. You have a creative mind and may have a perfectionist streak and occasional cynicism which can lead to feelings of malcontent.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 13, Nov. 14, Dec. 5


You are a Capricorn with an analytical mind and technical aptitude. You exercise your earthy work ethic in the world of academics. You’re honest and trustworthy by nature and expect the others to be the same. You possess high ideals and standards coupled with a reserved and reflective demeanor. To others, your objective, phlegmatic nature may appear as cold detachment and emotional unavailability. Try to be less secretive and suspicious of others and be more warm and friendly.

Potential Soul mates: May 11, Sept. 3, Feb. 1


You seek control, power and prestige. You respect traditions but may bend rules to get what you need. You have an authoritarian nature with executive ability. Hardworking and ambitious, you have the ability to rise to the top in your field. You possess good judgment and problem solving skills but failures may be due to lack of planning. Try to develop more patience and remember to manage your stress.

Potential Soul mates: Apr. 6, Feb. 3, Jun. 2


Likaeable and magnetic, artistic and poetic, you are a Capricorn with formidable creative energies and influence. You have a compassionate, charitable nature and your desire to help may lead you to work in the humanitarian fields. You are sensitive to beauty and carry a sagacious and philosophical view on life.  You may be somewhat naive however, and your trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceit and chicanery. You may on occasion suffer from an inferiority complex and anxiety.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 5, Mar. 19, Dec. 21

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