January Personalities Birthdays 1 – 9

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Capricorn (2nd Decanate – Taurus)

The energy of this day indicates a personality that is confident and strong-willed with an ambitious yet reserved nature. Your substantial work ethic and self-reliance allow you to achieve success in your career. You have talents for leadership with a keen sense of justice and good judgement.  While your family life is important to you,  your workaholic tendencies may not make you domestically inclined. However, you are loyal and devoted to your loved ones and make an excellent provider.

Love and relationships

People born on this day are attracted to resourceful people with strong personalities. They have a penchant for being a bit overbearing but can be very charming and goofy when they want to be. They are pragmatic and security conscious and not overly sentimental or mushy. They should try to show more affection to balance their sometimes stern demeanor.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 13, Mar. 9, Nov. 21, Feb. 11, May 5

Gary Johnson – INFJ Capricorn
J. D. Salinger – INFP Capricorn

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