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How Each Myers Briggs Type Reacts To Conflict

riddled with conflict
by collien


ENFJs are likely to be viewed in conflict as needing and seeking harmony. Others typically see them as being warm and caring, and at times uncomfortable with the tension associated with conflict. For FJs, conflict tends to arise when their core beliefs or values are being challenged. Their primary concern during conflict is the well-being of the relationships between those involved.  Their rush to closure is likely motivated by a desire to make sure no one gets hurt rather than an objective assessment that everything is sorted out.  It is only after FJs are certain everyone’s concerns and feelings have been given attention that they can begin to look at other factors.

  • Likely cause of conflict: Challenges to beliefs
  • Desired outcome: Intact relationships
  • Deal with emotions by: Including them
  • Others’ impression: Seeker of communication and harmony
  • Satisfied when: There is no lingering bitterness



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