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How Each Myers Briggs Type Reacts To Conflict

riddled with conflict
by collien


In most situations, you endeavor to create a warm and caring environment in which everyone can thrive. Conflict is no different. You want everyone to have an opportunity to have his or her say in a comfortable and safe setting. Challenges to your values trigger conflict for you. When you believe that something or someone you care about is in danger, you will readily fight to defend it or him or her. Occasionally someone’s perceived overreaction to what you have said or done can spark a similar response in you and lead to a conflict situation. In addition, your frustration with bureaucracy or systems that inhibit your creativity or personal well-being can trigger conflict. May take things too personally and have difficulty being objective. May not be ready to move on when others are. May be satisfied with partial resolution of a conflict. May not accept that all conflicts can end amicably

  • Likely cause of conflict: Challenges to values
  • Desired outcome: Respectful listening
  • Deal with emotions by: Accepting them
  • Others’ impression: Someone who includes others’ values and concerns
  • Satisfied when: There is open exploration



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