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December Birthdays 20 – 31


December 20 Birthday

You are an ambassador of goodwill with a charming sanguine nature. Tactful and unoffensive, you know how to conciliate contentions and play an arbitrative role. Friendly and receptive, others feel at ease around your calming energy.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 30, Dec. 20, Sept. 26



December 21 Birthday

Creative and talented, you have a way with words and are often humorous. You are a superficial socialite with materialistic concerns and a lack of perspective. Vanity and boredom may compel you to thrill seeking and you have a tendency to exaggeration.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Feb. 7



December 22 Birthday

You are a specialist with highly developed skills and abilities. Committed and reliable, you are an assiduous and hard working individual with high standards and principles. Self destructive tendencies and perfectionist behaviors may contribute to self sabotage.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 2, Jun. 10, Feb. 18



December 23 Birthday

You have a protean nature, with versatile talents and malleable views. Mentally sharp and quick-witted, you are an adept and sophisticated thinker with humanitarian interests. Procrastination and inconsistency, may thwart progress temporarily but you regroup and bounce back with strength.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 30, Mar. 3, Nov. 26



December 24 Birthday

You are an empath with worldly concerns. Artistic and and inspired, you have fantastic imagination and creative intelligence. Humanitarian idealism compels you to help others and you are a grounded force in your community.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 27, Nov. 25, Feb. 11



December 25 Birthday

You are a detective, a logical problem solver with cerebral interests. Honest and candid, you do not filter your opinions the way others might and your honesty can be brutal and insensitive. You have a detached and aloof demeanor that make you seem unapproachable.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 2, Sept. 8, Feb. 22



December 26 Birthday

Hard working and zealous, you have intense passion and exemplary work ethic. You’re are a leader who possesses sound judgement and pragmatic sensibilities and tastes. You are reliable and consistent with a balanced lifestyle.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 1, Jul. 11, Jun. 13



December 27 Birthday

You are a sapient sage with powerful insight into the unknown and arcane. You experience vivid dreams and possess creative vision and artistic ability. Idealistic and sensitive, you are compassionate with a desire to help others in some form or fashion.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 4, Feb. 2, Mar. 6



December 28 Birthday

You are an iconoclast with bold convictions and original ideas. Pompous and self assured, you are confident but you value others and their opinions and can take criticism when it makes sense. You do not mind taking the lead and you possess fine leadership abilities.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 5, Aug. 10, Jul. 12



December 29 Birthday

Gentle and tactful, you have a receptive and unoffensive manner that others appreciate. You are a sympathetic confidante whom others can trust and look to for emotional support and encouragement. Strong intuition and sensitivity allow you to read people easily and pick up on what others are feeling.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 23, May 31, Jun. 29



December 30 Birthday

Friendly and affable, you are socially active and popular. You are talented with words and a witty conversationalist who may be glib voluble. Vanity and a tendency to exaggerate may call into question the truth of your loquacious soliloquies.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 8, Nov. 6, Dec. 4



December 31 Birthday

You are a pragmatist, with conventional values and a stable, reliable nature. You are demanding and exacting in your pursuit of perfection and completeness which may drive others crazy. You take pride in your work which is of high quality and value.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 8, Jul. 14, May 18

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