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April Birthdays 1 – 9

April_0030_Layer-0April 1 Birthday

You are independent and strong-willed with an ambitious and driven nature. Your self-reliance allows you to feel in control over your success and ensures you can accept all the credit. When inspiration strikes, an energetic flurry of activity ensues. You enjoy the challenge of tackling a new task, but once the main objectives have been reached, your interest may have moved on to something else. You are busy forging your own path, creating a name for yourself. You want to make an impact and your leadership qualities, energy and passion enable to do so.

Potential Soul mates: Apr. 13, Oct. 1, Aug. 5



April 2 Birthday

You are intuitive and dramatic with social aptitude. Your solipsistic Aries nature is tempered by an interest in partnerships. Relationships are important to you and you soften your fiery tendencies with tact and consideration to sustain the peace. You possess ample confidence and strength of character as well as self-discipline but may be oversensitive to criticism. Develop a thicker skin and try not take things too personally.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 12, Feb. 10, May. 4



April 3 Birthday

Friendly and entertaining, you are a humorous Aries delighting others with your quirky wit. You have an upbeat demeanor and an outgoing
affable nature that allows you to blend with many different social circles. You are creative and original and you enjoy the company of
others who appreciate novelty. You have a bit of vanity about you and a tendency to exaggerate things. Avoid laziness and over-indulgence and develop more discipline and focus.

Potential Spoul mates: May. 15, Jul. 11, Dec. 1



April 4 Birthday

You are a builder with a sharp eye for detail. You are hardworking and devote considerable energy into your work. Strong organization skills and orderliness allow you to be more efficient and reliable than other Aries. You are ambitious annd grand but pragmatic and sensible. There may be a brusque peremptory aspect to your nature in your effort to get things done that may generate contention with others. Utilize more diplomacy and don’t get upset over petty matters. Lighten up.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 30, Oct. 12, Nov. 10



April 5 Birthday

You are mentally sharp and very versatile. You dislike restrictive routines and domineering authority figures. You need space and variety in your life and the freedom to pursue your expansive interests is key to your happiness. You are headstrong with a big picture perspective and progressive outlook. Curiosity fuels your daring exploits and fortunately, good luck often rewards your courage. Don’t push your luck though; try to take smarter risks.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 21, Jul. 4, Oct. 3



April 6 Birthday

Compassionate and idealistic, you are an Aries with a worldy perspective. You may share an interest in geopolitics and social issues like environmentalism and animal cruelty. You apply your pugnacious Aries energy to noble causes including the protection your family. You have a creative mind and may have a perfectionist streak and occasional cynicism which can lead to feelings of malcontent. Others may be put off by your forcefulness so try to ease up and be more flexible.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 13, Sept. 11, Feb. 10



April 7 Birthday

You are an Aries with a scientific mind and technical abilities. You exercise your fiery drive in the world of academics. You’re honest and trustworthy with high ideals and standards with a dislike for glib, inauthentic people. To others, your objective, phlegmatic nature may appear as coldness. Try to be less secretive and suspicious of others and more warm and friendly.

Potential Soul mates: Jul. 26, Aug. 24, Dec. 16



April 8 Birthday

You are fueled by a need to achieve, seeking power and prestige. You respect tradition and have an authoritarian nature with executive
leadership abilities. Hardworking and ambitious, you have the ability to rise to the top in your field of interest. You possess good judgment and problem solving skills but failures may be due to lack of planning. Try not to overwork yourself and remember to manage your stress.

Potential Soul mates: Feb. 5, June. 27, Dec. 15


April_0022_Layer-0-copy-19April 9 Birthday

Popular and magnetic, yet artistic and poetic, you are an Aries with creative energies and power to influence others. You have a compassionate charitable nature and your desire to help may lead you to work in the humanitarian fields. You may be somewhat naive, and your trusting nature makes you vulnerable to deceit and chicanery. You may on occasion suffer from an inferiority complex.

Potential Soul mates: Jan. 24, May 10, Nov. 4

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