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October Birthdays 20 – 31


October 20 Birthday

Your convivial and work well in partnerships and teams. You know how to communicate your points and express yourself without ruffling peoples feathers. You are compassionate and truly care about people.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 22, Nov. 20, Feb. 11



October 21 Birthday

Your knack for language borders on glibness. You are very social and fun-loving and you do not shy away from the spotlight. Vanity and arrogance may also be present and a lack of discipline.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 29, Nov. 7, Jan. 29



October 22 Birthday

Hard-working and disciplined, you push forward to get things done. You are an organized and skillful communicator with high standards. Your assiduous ethic ensures success and prestige in your chosen field.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 18, Aug. 24, Mar. 1



October 23 Birthday

Passion and intensity infuse your expansive intellectual pursuits. You are adventurous and versatile with a progressive forward thinking focus. You can accomplish much in this world and that is what you intend to do.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 13, Sept. 15, Feb. 2



October 24 Birthday

You are focused and purposeful. You look out for your family and friends and are a loyal member of your community. You are socially active and inspired to uplift others to live to their potential.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 22, Aug. 28, Oct. 24



October 25  Birthday

You are determined and intelligent. You can delve deep to uncover hidden truths and bring them to light. You have astute powers of perception and can read people well.

Potential Soul mates: Sept. 13, Oct. 11, Nov. 9



October 26 Birthday

Intense drive and leadership are indicated by this day. You focus on the bottom line and do what you need to ensure it’s fulfillment. You are a natural manager with good organizational skills and can inspire as well as lead.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 2, Jul. 8, Aug. 6



October 27 Birthday

You are considerate and wise with an interest in secret knowledge. You are in tune with the under world and the inner world of imagination and escapism. You have spiritual insight and valuable perspective regarding life in general.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 28, Dec. 24, Feb. 5



October 28 Birthday

Determined and ambitious you go after your dreams. You are original with a desire to distinguish yourself and earn your place in the  pantheon of greats. Courage and daring compel you to bring your vision into reality and obtain the success you’re after.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 25, Dec. 23, Mar. 9



October 29 Birthday

You are good at relationships and you know how to keep the balance . You love people and doing things for others. You have a mystical nature and may experience intense emotions with periods of moodiness.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 2, Sept. 8, Oct. 6



October 30 Birthday

You are a socializer with a love of people. You have a private side but you also like to have fun and live it up. You are emotional with a penetrating mind and psychological intuit.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 1, Jun. 13, Jan. 23



October 31 Birthday

You’re determined, with a laser-like focus that is unshakable. You are systematic and efficient with a dependable nature. You can be counted on to see a project through to completion.

Potential Soul mates: May 2, Feb. 2, Mar. 6


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