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November Birthdays 20 – 30


November 20 Birthday

You are a pacifist with a receptive and compassionate nature. Patient and understanding, you are a stabilizing force when others feel destabilized and you know the right things to say. Charming and socially active, you form friendships easily and they are long-lasting.

Potential Soul mates: Nov. 18, Aug. 24, Mar. 1



November 21 Birthday

You are a comedic and fun-loving person with an outgoing and popular personality. Verbal talents combined with artistic ability allow you to form a unique perception of the world. You have an extravagant way of communicating with a tendency to exaggerate and boast.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 13, Nov. 11, Feb. 2



November 22 Birthday

Pragmatic and organized, you are a dependable and responsible individual with high standards. You work hard and tirelessly to fulfill your commitments and you tend to succeed. Self sabotaging and repressive habits may undermine your hard work.

Potential Soul mates: Feb. 11, Sept. 26, Apr. 7



November 23 Birthday

You are a lucky duck, with a broad-minded intellect. Quick-witted and sociable, you are a popular individual with diverse interests and abilities. You may be undependable and inconsistent at times with procrastinating habits.

Potential Soul mates: Aug. 15, Oct. 11, Nov. 9



November 24 Birthday

Worldly and humanitarian, you are a socially conscious person with moral ethics. You are an empath with a structured and balanced lifestyle. You have perfectionist tendencies and an idealistic outlook.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 2, Jul. 8, Feb. 18, 



November 25 Birthday

You are an investigator, and incisive perceptive person. Reflective and solitary, you are often distant and lost in thought mulling over some enigma or conundrum. You are personable and friendly with an honest and forthright nature.

Potential Soul mates: Oct. 28, Mar. 3, Jan. 7



November 26 Birthday

You are a leader and a good planner who organizes grand schemes. Controlling and demanding, you can be difficult to work with but you possess good judgement and others trust your decisions. You may push yourself hard and be susceptible to stress from overwork.

Potential Soul mates:  Nov. 25, Dec. 23, Mar. 9



November 27 Birthday

You are a wise guru who offers sagacious counsel to inquiring minds. Idealistic and progressive, you have compassion for humanity and you desire to help others in some way.  You are magnetic and lucky and often experience good fortune.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 2, Sept. 8, Feb. 22



November 28 Birthday

You are an innovator with inventive, creative ideas and an enterprising nature. Outspoken and gregarious, you possess personal courage and strength of convictions. Jealousy and impatience may cause emotional disruptions in your agenda.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 1, Feb. 21, May 15



November 29 Birthday

You are a compassionate compatriot, and helpful team player. Tactful and considerate, you know how to relate to people in an effective and convivial way. You possess a patient demeanor and harmonious vibe that puts others at ease.

Potential Soul mates: May 2, Jan. 4, Mar. 6



November 30 Birthday

You are a sparkling cynosure whom others are drawn to. People enjoy your humorous nature and vibrant wit, and you dazzle others with your verbal talents. You are indulgent and lazy at times and may frequently experience boredom.

Potential Soul mates: Dec. 2, Mar. 20, Feb. 22


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