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Moon Conjunct Pluto


The waters of your emotions run deep and they have a strong undercurrent. At times the river flows serene and smooth at others it is a rushing torrent that would capsize ill-equipped wayfarers. An inner world of mystery and secrecy lie beneath your exterior. An uncanny intuition picks up on subtle details, reading between the lines and connecting the dots. False facades are naked and defenseless against your penetrating scrutiny. Others would be foolish to lie to you; you can detect hidden agendas and ulterior motives like a sixth sense. You know there is more to people than what they let on and you take pleasure in trying to uncover their secrets. Your powers of perception can see through the walls of deception that would fool others. Likewise, you may carry your own share of secrets but good luck to anyone who tries to get at them!

Your mental strength is formidable and your emotions intense. In romance, you are passionate, seductive with a desire for sexual power and control. You may fit the archetype of the dark lover who holds a hypnotic allure that entrances the opposite sex.

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